New Arc in Dragon Ball Super Manga “Return of Moro”

After the Tournament of Power, our heroes Goku and Vegeta continued to get stronger as one day the galactic patrol came to capture Majin Boo and that’s where Goku and Vegeta joined them as well.

As a very entertaining cartoon, Dragon Ball has been the oldest and the most favorite anime among the kids and even among the youngsters. In the last 40 years, the series grew up to be a huge success that Japan celebrates a whole festival called the Kunchi Festival which was a tradition for the last 300 years now also has this anime’s characters banners, posters, and big balloons looking like the characters of the series.


Return of Moro

A long time ago Moro who had an incredible power of absorbing a planet’s power was captured by the great ancestor of Majin Boo, managed to escape the galactic patrol’s prison and that’s when the galactic patrol came to take Majin Boo as they thought only he possessed the power of the god to capture Moro.

When Goku and Vegeta joined them at the galactic station, the galactic patrol got them to join them as officers so that they could also help them capture Moro. Goku and Vegeta fought until Moro hadn’t absorbed their powers. To help them now Andriod 17 and 18 arrived because their powers couldn’t be absorbed.

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