New Macbook Products Released By Apple

On Tuesday, Apple has unwrapped a new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini, its first products using the M1, the first chip designed specifically for the Mac. Many content creators along with some in Hollywood were encouraged by this new venture by Apple. Apple has also released a new version of its operating system, MacOS Big Sur, this Thursday. It believes that its new Mac products would offer notably faster CPU and integrated graphics performance, among many other features.

Into the history of Mac Pro


Mac Pro debuted in 2013. But Apple received strong criticism in the media and entertainment community for “abandoning” creative professionals. Therefore, they redesigned Mac Pro in 2019, Purely aimed at professionals.

Veteran editors and content creators say that they had been refurbishing cheese-graters to keep them up to date with CPU’s and memory for more complex workflows. It would now be cheaper to replace them with the new Mini. Many of them believe that Mac Mini can replace all iMac devices that had been invested on during the pandemic for remote working plans.

More about Mac Mini

The M1 could also offer a boost for multitasking. Professionals these days require a dozen apps working at the same time. The ability for M1 to smoothly run simultaneous professional tools concurrently is a response to such work ethics and needs. Creatives today prefer working with an all in one kit, all at the same time.

Are you buying them?


Apple is taking orders already for its new Mac products. MacBook Air starts at $999, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro at $1299 and Mac Mini at $699. The products have filled the millions of carts already prior to the roll out next week. The products are a new milestone in the computer making company. With absolute fertile soil for the offer to be released, it’s yet to see how the products bring about smoothness in this new era of working with technology.

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