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New Merchandise Suggests Pietro Maximoff Isn’t Wanda’s Brother


Cool your jets! Pietro Maximoff is obviously the brother of Wanda Maximoff. Still, according to these new clues from the WandaVision merchandise, it is said that the Pietro we got in the 5th and 6th episodes might be an imposter.

There are lots of unanswered questions when it comes to WandaVision. While Marvel keeps adding to the pile of mysteries with every passing episode, the sixth one definitely adds a lot to it.

Is he really from the multiverse?


Now, after the fifth episode of WandaVision, there were a lot of speculations that Pietro Maximoff isn’t who he says he is. For one, Vision didn’t recognize him.

Obviously, he didn’t because the one who Vision saw and the others in MCU know looked a lot different. But Wanda was quick to recognize, which itself drew some speculations.

If this Pietro Maximoff was from a parallel universe, there is no way he was supposed to know about Vision’s death.

If he were just raised from the dead by Wanda or whoever the villain is, he would look the same and still wouldn’t know about Vision’s Infinity War death.

Uncle P’s Influence!

Also, remember when Billy said, “Halloween is a magical holiday all about family, friends, and the thrill of getting to be someone else for a day!

Even though they are old enough to trick or treat, Billy and Tommy had their first Halloween only now. If that’s the case here, then there is no way he knows so much about Halloween.

So, there are chances that he is just relaying his Uncle’s words since Wanda doesn’t look like the one teaching one-liners or such to her kids.

Then, this line makes a lot of sense if Pietro really did say it out loud. So, who is he then?

Not of West View

New Funko figurines were unveiled for WandaVision characters. Wanda and Vision were featured in their Halloween and comic accurate costumes with the titles’ Halloween Wanda‘ and ‘Halloween Vision,’ respectively.

Now that is normal, but Pietro Maximoff, who was introduced later, got a Funko toy but didn’t get the same title. He just got plain Pietro Maximoff but with double-quotes.

This could also be a way to introduce Evan PetersQuicksilver in MCU as Pietro because he had the name Peter in X-Men. But the name Maximoff was already his surname in the X-Men franchise, so why include that inside the quotes.

Costume Horror

If Pietro Maximoff we saw now is the actual Quicksilver, then we can actually forgive him for his bizarre costume made with duct tape and such.

But if he isn’t, then he is seriously disrespectful to Pietro. This part of negligence and Evan PetersQuicksilver being completely different from the one in Age of Ultron also shows he might be just an imposter.

Wait, not the way he looks; we are talking about the character. Even Billy called him a “man child,” which is not like Pietro from the ‘Age of Ultron.’

Whatever it is, we need more to be sure, so let’s just wait for more episodes.

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