One Piece: Are Tony Tony Chopper And Milky A Potential Romantic Couple?

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga inspired the anime series of the same name which has garnered a huge fanbase. The manga became one of the best selling manga series worldwide, making it one of Japan’s longest-running shonen shows. 

The anime too received accolades as well as a commercial success due to its perfect combination of action and comedy. An ample amount of possible romantic couplings are hinted at in the show. Let’s check out whether the theory of Tony Tony Chopper and Milky is confirmed.

Are Chopper and Milky a potential romantic couple?

Throughout the series, it was known to us that the small and cute Tony Tony Chopper is not up for romance. But, after the Straw Hats crew arrive at Zou island, a new chapter unfolds for him. Excited fans have taken the subtle looks and conversations between Milky and Chopper into account, and ship them. 

Seeing a female reindeer delightfully working as his nurse while they treat the people of Zou, has become a great spectacle for fans. And it was rightly speculated given how Chopper became highly infatuated towards the female reindeer.

He was seen blushing many times around Milky, especially when she called him “Doctor Chopper”. Love hearts replaced his eyes, so then this can be seen as how Chopper is capable of romance!

What does Eiichiro Oda think about the pair?

When the topic of the love interest of Chopper was brought up by a fan, Oda reveals the possibility of starting a family between the two if all things work out. Of course, fans will know how chopper already cherishes Milky.

The creator comments,” She’s a very rare specimen and can breed with humans and reindeer alike. If Chopper really loves her, I can’t stop it.” This certainly has addressed how there may be new developments down the line.


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