One Piece Chapter 1031 Release Date and Spoilers: Sanji and Zorro’s Victory

In One Piece Chapter 1030, Kid and Law face off against Big Mom in a fierce struggle with the latter threatening to overwhelm the former duo. We’ll see more of the battle in One Piece Chapter 1031 as new forces interfere with the fight. 

We witnessed Law activate KROOM: Anaesthesia and swiftly teleport behind Big Mom as he manages to stab her. Kid uses Assign and Punk Crash, a blade that erupts from her chin, to unleash a series of strong magnetic attacks against Big Mom.

Big Mom

Furthermore, Kanjuro the traitor is alive and well to perform his final act. On Orochi’s command, he painted a massive fire demon that progressively encircled Onigashima Castle. Momonosuke develops the Flame Cloud in order to defend Flower Capital from the marching forces on their way to destruction and total chaos.

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One Piece Chapter 1031 Release Date 

One Piece Chapter 1031 will be getting released on the 7th of November 2021. Hopefully, there will be no delays, the announcements of which haven’t been made yet. You can find all these latest manga chapters on Viz Media and MangaPLus.

One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers

The defeat of two Sea Emperors and Yonko’s arrival in Wano might also be the main highlights in One Piece Chapter 1031. In the upcoming chapter, Shanks, a former member of the famed Roger Pirates, embarks on his journey towards Onigashima. 

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He is the only Yonko who does not have any Devil Fruit abilities. And he is markedly different from the ones who have gained access to the Demon Fruit’s power.

There are leaks that the Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro will defeat King. Moreover, on a positive note, the explosive Sanji vs Queen’s war will likely come to a conclusion. Who shall emerge as the winner? Sanji.


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