One Piece Episode 1005 Release Date and Spoilers

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Luffy’s background and history before forming the Straw Hats was explored in One Piece Episode 1004. Here’s everything you need to know about One Piece Episode 1005.

About The Anime

The plot revolves around the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy whose body became like rubber after consuming a Devil Fruit. Luffy traverses the Grand Line with his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, pursuing a treasure known as “One Piece” to become the next Pirate King.

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One Piece Episode 1004 Recap

Bartomelou and Otama Recount Luffy’s Journey

“Barto’s Secret Room” is the title of the episode. Luffy landed in the Land of Wano to destroy Kaido and put an end to their animosity that had lasted since Dressrosa.


She was abducted on the very day Luffy encountered Otama, and he saved her life after defeating the Beast Pirates. Otama greeted Luffy and served him a bowl of rice.

Otama One Piece Episode 1005

Encounter With Hawkins

She drank dirty water because she was hungry and became ill as a result. Luffy transports her to the doctor’s office. On their way to the hospital, Zoro assists them in fighting the enemies, and they also meet Hawkins, a Lead Performer of the Animal Kingdom Pirates.

Zoro decided to defeat Hawkins with two-sword techniques. For the second time, they save Otama’s life. Kaido’s minions kidnapped Otama.

When Luffy, Kiku, and Zoro learn about Otama’s kidnapping, they rush to her aid. Luffy rescued Otama once more and rewarded her with a red apple. Luffy later rejoins his group and decides to confront Kaido.

Hawkins vs Killer

Kaido Makes His Appearance

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In the past, Kaido appeared from the sky, and everyone was taken aback by the fact that Kaido was a massive dragon. Kaido stares at Luffy, puzzled as to who that brat is.

Luffy announces that he is the guy who will ascend to the position of King of the Pirates. Kaido becomes even more enraged upon learning that he is Luffy and that he has been waiting to teach Luffy a lesson.

Luffy Is Defeated By Kaido

Kaido utilised his Samurai Blast Breath on them that day, obliterating them. Luffy survived and used Gear Forth on Kaido. He also employs the Gum-Gum King Kong Gun, which Kaido counters with his Kanabo.


Luffy is vanquished after a heated exchange of strikes and assaults. They tied him with Stone Prism chains and sent him to the Excavation Labour Camp at Udon jail.

Image of Kaido

There, Luffy encounters his adversary, Captain Kid. When Kid continuously confronts Luffy, he becomes enraged, and they labour harder than any other convicts.

When the guards attacked an old geezer named Hyogo, Luffy let his emotions get the best of him and beat him to a pulp. The Akazaya Nine gathers and prepares to take down Kaido.

One Piece Episode 1005 Release Date

One Piece Episode 1005 is scheduled to get released on January 9, 2022. There has been a delay of about two weeks, an unbearable wait for the most popular manga.


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One Piece Episode 1005 Spoilers

Currently, we haven’t received any spoilers for the upcoming episode.

Where To Watch One Piece Episode 1005

From Crunchyroll and Funimation.


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