One Piece Fans Review Bomb Attack On Titan Season 4 Return

Attacck on Titan Final season

Attack on Titan season 4 premiered with a magnificent episode on January 9, which also brought Crunchyroll’s servers to a halt due to the massive traffic. While most people were excited to watch the drama unfolding in the first episode of Attack on Titan’s last season, some hardcore fans of One Piece were very salty about the latter’s never ending popularity.

The episode “Judgement” had nearly flawless ratings across all review platforms, although some users on Imdb attempted to ruin the perfect ratings by assigning it a score of one.

This act is an epitome of the term “review bombing” refers to a coordinated effort by a group of people to lower an anime or film’s review rating.

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A Twitter user named @ONEPIECIE1 who claims to be a One Piece fan released screenshots (showing user rating “1” on an Attack on Titan episode) raving about how they will teach any anime that tries to compete with One Piece a lesson.

Attack on Titan Ratings: Review Bomb

He expressed his displeasure with how some One Piece fans acting alone could have an impact on the anime’s return’s star ratings. He cautioned that if OP fans mobilised to their full potential, the consequences would be unthinkable.

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Attack On Titan Fans’ Reactions To The Review Bomb

Many fans of this legendary anime Attack on Titan were amused and didn’t even take the warring OP fans seriously. They expressed their amusement by talking about how the obnoxious OP fans did the same to the best performing and most popular episodes of Boruto as well.

While some others commented about how an anime’s ratings hardly matter in their decision to whether watch the anime or not. Regardless of that, the anime has gone on to become the anime even non-anime fans love and rave about.

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