One Piece Former Warlords

Here is everything you need to know about the One Piece former warlords.

Buggy The Clown

After Buggy, the Clown’s connection to the Roger Pirates is revealed. He is formally invited to become a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. This greatly increases Buggy’s prestige in the pirating world.

However, regardless of how strong Buggy’s associates are, he is easily the weakest member of the Warlord system. He has never used any form of Hakin on-screen, and his Chop-Chop Fruit powers are only useful against weaker opponents.

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Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew Kuma is the former king of the Sorbet Kingdom, as well as a former member of Monkey D. Dragon’s Revolutionary Army. He’s currently in the World Government’s possession where he works as a slave for the Celestial Dragons in Mary Geoise.

The Paw-Paw Fruit is one of the most useful and versatile Devil Fruits in the series. It alone makes Kuma a formidable opponent. Unfortunately, the World Government’s abuse of Kuma has rendered him a shell of his former self.


As a young pirate, Crocodile made his way into the New World. He challenged the most wanted pirate in the world, Whitebeard. Unfortunately for Crocodile, Whitebeard was much more powerful than the future Warlord could have imagined.

Although Monkey D. Luffy eventually defeats Crocodile, the Straw Hat Pirate stood virtually no chance had he not discovered Crocodile’s weakness to water. The Sand-Sand Fruit provides the former leader of Baroque Works with massive power, and assuming he learned a few tricks during his time in Impel Down.

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is a former slave of the Celestial Dragons, the current ruler of Amazon Lilly, and the captain of the Kuja Pirates. Known for her strength and beauty, Boa Hancock can use her Love-Love Devil Fruit to wipe out entire armies with a single glance.

In addition to her beauty, Boa Hancock is also skilled in the use of Haki. It allows her to square off against almost any opponent in the series. She will likely play a vital role in One Piece’s final saga. If her Conqueror’s Haki is any indication, Hancock should play a major factor in the inevitable war against the World Government.

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Jinbei is arguably the most well-respected Fish-Man in history, due in large part to the great sacrifices that he has made for his people and his allies. After the death of his former captain, Fisher Tiger, Jinbei took over as captain of the Sun Pirates, eventually earning enough status to claim the title of Warlord.

When Jinbei and Big Mom, an Emperor of the Sea, squared off, the Fish-Man was able to withstand her overwhelming Haki and Devil Fruit powers. This alone speaks to his strength, but as evidenced by victories over characters like Who’s Who, he is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with the New World’s best fighters.

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