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Oscar Maximilian Jackman: Hugh Jackman’s Adoptive Son


Oscar is the adoptive son of Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness. He was born in 2000 to Amber, then 23 years old.


Biological Mom

Amber died in 2005 by committing suicide. Before she gave her son for adoption, she never introduced him to her family, nor did she reveal who his biological father was. The only way she saw her son was when he was pictured with Hugh Jackman by paparazzi, said Amber one year before her death to an American magazine.

Making a Statement

Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra faced two miscarriages before they decided to adopt. They were stern on the fact that they will only adopt mixed-race children. Because they are the ones, who are naturally rejected by people while considering adoption.

Oscar Jackman is Biracial, and Ava Eliot Jackman who was adopted in 2005 is half Mexican and half German.

Back to His Past

Oscar turned 18 in 2018 and decided to meet with his biological family. Since his mom died and his dad is unknown, Oscar got to meet his biological sisters, Olivia and Nyomi. They were raised by their aunt (Amber’s sister) in Vinton, Iowa.


Oscar has a deeper bond with his adoptive sister Ava and his parents. He graduated from a prestigious New York school, Ross in 2018. And has now joined a university for his higher education.

First Time

Oscar took to Instagram for the first time he met his biological sisters and aunt and shared a picture with a sweet caption. Ever since then we guess both the family has stayed in touch.

Even though this might be little hard for the Jackman family to see their son bond well with them, they are ready to push their insecurities out for the sake of his happiness.

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New York

Hugh and his family have been residing in New York for quite some time now. They are quarantined in New York throughout this lockdown. The family of four was seen now and then wearing masks and taking their dogs out for a stroll on the streets nearby.

Poor Dad

This time together has made everyone in the family bond. Ava was on the news previously when she banned her dad from going to her ballet classes with her. It happened after around 60 girls in their tutus surrounded Hugh after his role in Greatest Showman.

We hope he gets to set foot on the premise soon!

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