Plot Details for Loki Series on Disney Plus Revealed

With the dawn of the new era in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the events are shown in the recently released Avengers: Endgame has offered a wide range of possibilities for the plots and storylines under the Marvel franchise.

While there are many which will be shown on the big screen, there are other adventures too, which will expand the franchise to our TV screens.

Disney Plus and the MCU:

Many small plots under the Marvel banner will grow into limited series on the video streaming platform of Disney, called Disney Plus.

Amongst these, there will be a TV series focusing solely on Loki, the God of Mischief.

With rumors of a show to air around early 2019, MCU officially announced later that Loki would be airing on Disney Plus, which was launched earlier in the year.

Loki Plot:

According to other rumors that are being well fed, the plot details of Loki have been released and confirmed by sources from the production.

According to the reports, the series will showcase Loki who will be traveling and undertaking adventures throughout the history of the MCU.

This also includes the fact that he will be altering many events of the MCU, in addition to wreaking havoc during his journey.

This would also make sense, especially considering that Loki is still not rehabilitated up until this point in his life, and has been defeated by his brothers along with the Avengers when he was the most cantankerous.

He finally starts to accept that he has a heroic side after his parents die and he has fought with Thor a few times.

Even though Loki will be off screwing up history in the upcoming series, it has been well established in Endgame that his actions will not alter the time stream in the Marvel Universe.

He will instead be creating a completely new series with alternate realities aligning with his actions.

Here, it also important to understand how Loki will be able to travel through time, as he only possesses the Space Stone, which was shown in Endgame. This confusion will most likely be cleared in the series.

Actor Tom Hiddleston will return as Loki in the TV series and has promised that viewers will be getting something that is unlike anything the franchise has made till now.

The TV series is slated to release on Disney Plus in early 2021.

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