Pokemon 2019 Episode 116 Release Date, Spoilers, and More Details

Ash and Goh

Read on to find out more details about the upcoming episode, Pokemon 2019 Episode 116.

About the anime

Pokémon Journeys: The Series is the anime series’ ninth instalment. It covers every aspect of the main series games, including Pokémon Sword and Shield from Generation VIII. To avoid confusion, this series utilises the same Japanese name as the previous series, which debuted in 1997, and is formally designated with the year it debuted, “2019.” Furthermore, for the fourth series in a row, a new art style is used.

Ash Ketchum and Goh, as well as their pals Pikachu and Cinderace, are the two major heroes in this new series. Chloe, a little girl with an Eevee, and her father, Professor Cerise, who manages a laboratory in Vermilion City, are also featured.

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Pokemon 2019 Episode 116 Release Date

The upcoming episode of Pokemon 2019 is scheduled to air on 24th June 2022. This is in accordance with the weekly production schedule of the series.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 115 Recap

Ash and his pokemon continue their training for the upcoming Masters Tournament. He decides to take the training to Professor Oak’s Laboratory in the Kanto region where he is reunited with the rest of his pokemon. Ash also has an unexpected encounter with his Sinnoh region rival, Paul, and his pokemon Electivire.


The duo get involved in a 3v3 pokemon battle, and the first match is between Ash’s Lucario and Paul’s Gyrados. During the fight, Lucario gets trapped between Gyrados’s tail and is hurt by Ice Fang. However, Lucario is able to break free and finishes the battle by using Bullet Punch. 

Ash's Pokemon


The next matchup was between Ash’s Dragonite and Paul’s Garchomp. The fight opened with both pokemon using Dragon Claw at their opponent. Unfortunately for Ash, the battle quickly turned in Garchomp’s favour, as he easily overcame Dragonite’s crazy dragon meteor tactic, securing the win. 

Finally, it was Ash’s Gengar vs Paul’s Metagross, and Ash’s fire pokemon were excited to witness the battle. Metagross dominated most parts of the match but Gengar was able to create an opening by using his newly learnt move, “will o wisp”, and finally sealing the battle by unleashing his move, “Shadow Ball”. 

After the battle, we got to learn Paul’s intention behind his visit. He had used the ace pokemon of each master trainer in the battle to help Ash prepare for his upcoming tournament. The episode ended with the unexpected appearance of Ash’s mom who invites Ash and Goh to sleep over. 

Pokemon 2019 Episode 115 Spoilers

From the preview of the upcoming episode, it is revealed that the Masters Tournament is finally starting! The episode will be titled,” The Curtain Rises! The Masters Tournament!!”. It is also revealed that Ash’s first opponent will be Leon and his Charizard. 


Will Ash be able to take out his opponent’s ace pokemon Charizard? We know that Ash’s team doesn’t have a proper counter against fire-type pokemon. It now raises the question as to which pokemon Ash will send out against Leon’s Charizard. We will also get to see Ash reunite with his buddies, Iris and Hop, in the next episode.

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Where to watch Pokemon 2019

You can watch the latest episodes of Pokemon 2019 on Gogoanime and Netflix.

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