Pokemon 2019 Episode 87 Release Date And Spoilers


The previous episode marked the end of the battle between long term rivals Satoshi and Saito and also concluded Lucario’s Mega Evolution arc. The battle was a super entertaining final match and fans were left thoroughly entertained by the end of the episode. After this satisfying conclusion, what will happen next in Pokemon 2019 Episode 87? Read on to find out more information about the upcoming episode!

Pokemon 2019 Episode 87 Release Date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 87 is scheduled to release on Friday, November 12th, 2021. 

Recap of Pokemon 2019 Episode 86

In the beginning of Episode 86, we see Satoshi calling Lucario back and sending Negigaknight into battle instead. As Negigaknight charges with the Consecutive Cut move, Kairiky also counters with Bullet Punch, but Negigaknight manages to block the attack and hit Kairiky in the stomach. This is when Saito summons Luchabull. 

Negigaknight attacks with Crossroad Kill and Brutal Swing but Luchabull dodges both and starts storing energy to use God Bird. Negigaknight also comes in charging with Crossroad Kill again but is knocked out and unable to battle.


So, the first point goes to Saito. Satoshi praises Negigaknight for having played a good game and then tells Pikachu to enter the battleground.

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Pokemon 2019 Episode 87

As Luchabull prepares to use God Bird, Pikachu charges with 100,000 Volts but Luchabull dodges and flies high. Satoshi then tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail and Lightning Speed. Pikachu’s body starts shaking from the ultrasonic vibrations and this manages to ward off Luchabull’s God Bird.


But both have taken heavy damage now. Saito is impressed with Satoshi’s quick thinking and improvisation tactics during the battle itself without pre planned strategies. She praises Pikachu even more for being able to pull the trick off.

After this, Pikachu finishes off Luchabull with 100,000 Volts and Satoshi wins a point too. Now both rivals are down to two Pokemons. Saito now calls upon Otosupus. Otosupus defeats Pikachu and Satoshi calls upon Lucario and Lucario then defeats Otosupus. So Satoshi and Saito have each won two points now. 

It then all comes down to the ultimate face off between Kairiky and Lucario. Saito expresses her utter excitement for this battle and uses Kairiky’s Kyodaimax. The announcer is shocked at Kairiky’s outrageously huge size and declares that it’s a Galarian Battle. Goh looks in awe as he wonders if this is Saito’s true ace and Dande says, “Now, it’s your turn” as if he knows Satoshi is going to finally use Lucario’s Mega Evolution. 

Lucario starts off with Aura Sphere and Kairiky with Dai Steel and it’s evident that they’re evenly matched. Saito tells Kairiky to increase its Daimax Power and as power gathers in Kairiky’s fist, Saito assists with karate moves and commands Kairiky to use Kyodai Focus Blow. 


Pokemon 2019 Episode 87

But despite such an overwhelming blow, Lucario withstands the attack and jumps up and runs along Kairiky’s massive body and charges with Aura Sphere. This takes down the giant and brings Kairiky back to normal size.

Kairiky is normal in size now but its intense power still remains. As Lucario charges in Kairiky’s direction, Kairiky readies to attack with Bullet Punch. Lucario also uses Force Palm but it’s Lucario’s final Steely Resolve that fully knocks out Kairiky and tips the battle in Satoshi’s favour. 

Kairiky is unable to battle anymore and the winner is announced as Satoshi and he rises to 36th rank in the Hyper Class. What an intense and exciting battle that was! Many fans completely enjoyed this episode too.


When the announcer asks Dande what he thought of the battle, Dande replies that he wish he could have seen more. The episode ends with Saito acknowledging Satoshi’s impressive skills and asks Satoshi to battle with her again someday.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 87

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What are Some Expectations for Pokemon 2019 Episode 87? 

The preview shows a Pokemon called Glacia who seems adamant to stick by a new transfer student girl. As everyone tries to approach the new girl, the Pokemon Glacia gets angry and charges with ice at them.


Pokemon 2019 Episode 87

So we may expect to see this in the upcoming Episode 87, titled “The Ice Queen and Glacia”. Does this mean there will be no battle fight next episode? We wonder who Satoshi’s next opponent will be.

Where to watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 87 online? 

You can watch the series on sites such as Netflix, Pokemon TV. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video UK. 

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