Pokemon 2019 Episode 92 Release Date And Spoilers


Ash and Goh encounter Allister in this episode and even ride on a ghost train. And things take a spooky turn when Ash finds himself possessed after he touches a weird looking keystone on the ghost train.

If you’re excited about what’s next in Pokemon 2019 Episode 92, read on. Below you’ll find all that we know about the upcoming episode!

Pokemon 2019 Episode 92 Release Date 

Pokemon Episode 92 is scheduled to release on Friday, December 24th, 2021.

Recap of Pokemon 2019 Episode 91

This episode begins with Goh and Ash arriving at the train station. They then need to change to another train but as Ash makes a misstep, he backs into Allister. Allister becomes startled at this interaction and runs away, dropping his train ticket.


Pokemon 2019 Episode 91

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Goh and Ash follow him in order to return his ticket but Allister keeps running. They finally encounter a weird door which Allister runs through and they end up in an ominous looking train.

Both of them then decide to ride the train as it is headed for their destination. They find out from the ticket that Allister’s seat is reserved in the first car so they make their way towards it. When they enter train number four, they see a weird keystone displayed in the middle of the car.


Ash by mistake drops the keystone on the floor and even though both Ash and Goh try their best to lift it up, they find it an impossible task. As Ash pats the keystone, a bizarre green light goes within him, signaling that something spooky is about to happen next.

As the duo head to train number three, Ash suddenly becomes possessed and wreaks havoc, chasing Goh around. The possessed Ash is not evil, but is more of a prankster and although Ash still has his consciousness, he isn’t able to control his actions.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 91

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Finally, they end up encountering Allister after a commotion breaks out. Just as they meet, an explosion happens in the last car and it seems Spiritomb is making its way to the front of the train.

Ash’s possession has also gotten worse, and Spiritomb has almost completely consumed him as his skin becomes purple and his eyes become weird. Thankfully, a tree branch falls and knocks Ash out.

In the meantime, Goh gets acquainted with Allister. Goh attempts to stall and fight Spiritomb, and Allister provides Ash a wake-up drink. The drink turns out to be so effective that the green orb from earlier gets fired out from Ash and disappears under the train. 

Goh struggles with battling Spiritomb with his Absol but Gengar shows up and with teamwork between the two, they return the green orb to Spiritomb and then it goes back into the keystone.


Pokemon 2019 Episode 91

Allister, Ash and Goh then arrive at what Allister reveals as Spiritomb’s destination and gastly’s and hunters take away the keystone. As Ash and Goh are about to return the ticket, Allister is nowhere to be seen as he completely disappears along with the ghost train.

What Can We Expect from Pokemon 2019 Episode 92?

The preview starts with Ash throwing a mega ball and failing to gigantamax Gengar. Gengar becomes super upset at not being able to do it. Allister then comments that if they were to obtain dynamax soup, then Gengar will surely be able to gigantamax.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 91


The rest of the preview then shows them trying to get the mushrooms to make the soup. Allister states that it will not be an easy task. We can expect Gengar to giganomax by the end of the episode but he may not be able to master it in such a short time.

Where to Watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 92 Online? 

You can watch the series on sites such as Netflix, Pokemon TV. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video UK.

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