“Postpone AIIMS INI CET”, Doctors Protest

Postpone AIIMS INI CET 2021

Many doctors are demanding the Government of India to postpone the AIIMS INI CET as they’re still serving as frontline workers during the pandemic.

AIIMS INI CET allows doctors to pursue post-graduate studies in medicine and admission to leading government medical institutes in the country.

AIIMS INI CET also regulates admission to 800 seats for which 80000 candidates apply.

Many aspirants say that the exam was scheduled on short notice.

The government of India assured them that they would be given certificates. Also, they won’t hold the exam before August 31st.

They also claim that they selected the exam centers 2 months ago. However, they had to move elsewhere for duty.

The hashtag #postponeINICET2021 has been trending on Twitter. In addition, several aspirants have written letters to authorities, asking them to postpone it.

The NEET PG 2021 was postponed under the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Many are of the opinion that holding the exam would put parents, families, and candidates at risk.

Aspirants say that they would not be able to focus on their papers while doing their duties. They are demanding the government to postpone AIIMS INI CET. Some of them took to the social media favorite Twitter to vent their anger in a humorous and creative way.

Some candidates felt that giving exams was no issue but leaving their duty was something they were not willing to.

Aspirants, however, do not want the cancellation of the exam.

They are confused because the exams were announced even after the government had given them enough time to regard.

A notice from the PMO said that medical students who’ve completed 100 days of COVID duty will get priority in upcoming regular government recruitment programs.

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