Pretty Boy Detective Club Dub Cast Announced!

The official website for Pretty Boy Detective Club has announced the much-awaited dub cast on 28 May (Friday). The English dubbed version of the anime is set to release on 29 May 2021 (Saturday); it is almost two months after the first episode of the original Japanese version of the series.

The official website also provided the cast list for the English dub and the English dubbed trailer.

The English dub cast for Pretty Boy Detective Club includes: 

Mayumi Dojima: Suzie Yeung (Amane Ubayashiki and Ruka Rengoku, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train)

Manabu Sotoin: Griffin Burns (George Stuart, My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!)

Nagahiro Sakiguchi: Howard Wang (Hanzō  Gyōbushōjō Hattori, The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc)

Michiru Fukuroi: Alejandro Saab (Takezo Kurata, Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life)

Hyota Ashikaga: Caleb Yen (Tetsuro Arahabaki, No Guns Life)

Sosaku Yubiwa: Brian Timothy Anderson (Additional voices, The Testament of Sister New Devil BURST (2018))

Pretty Boy Detective Club English dub Cast
(Mayumi Doujima (CV: Suzie Yeung) and Manabu Satoin (CV: Griffin Burns))
Pretty Boy Detective Club English dub Cast
(Nagahiro Sakiguchi (CV: Howard Wang), Michiru Fukuroi (CV: Alejandro Saab),Hyota Ashikaga (CV: Caleb Yen), Sosaku Yubiwa (CV: Brian Timothy Anderson))

The trailer for Pretty Boy Detective Club English dub, featuring the newly announced cast:

About Pretty Boy Detective Club

Pretty Boy Detective Club is a manga series written by Nishio Iain and illustrated by Kinako.

The first episode of Pretty Boy Detective Club had premiered on 11 April 2021 on ABC and ANiMAZi NG programming block via TV Asahi. The English publisher for the manga series is Vertical. It was imprinted by Kodansha Taiga.

The plot of Pretty Boy Detective Club

The story follows Mayumi Doujima, a fourteen-year-old girl. She is a unique girl with extremely sensitive to noticing details.

Mayumi promised her parents to give up her dreams of becoming an astronaut if she isn’t able to find a star she saw a long time ago. The Pretty Boy Detective Club takes on the responsibility of helping her find the star. The task gets out of hand and the club gets entangled into more sinister issues they hadn’t seen coming.

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