Racist Incident Against Northeast Indians Ignites; NE Netizens Express Outrage

“A chapter for North East” is one of the latest Twitter storms to aim for social justice and greater representation. Racism in India continues towards the NE region even today.

The online campaign started after YouTuber Paras Singh had racially abused Arunachal MLA Ninong Ering via his youtube videos.

This enraged many Arunachalees and many people from the Northeast community. As a result, a case was filed against the Youtuber.

Because of this incident, students will constantly tweet with the tags ‘A chapter for NE’ and ‘Northeast Matters’ from 6 to 8 pm.

This will be done to press the Union Ministry of Education to recognize and address the issue. It has yielded some pretty impressive and optimistic results.

They’ve called upon the Ministry to include more sections on Northeast history and politics in NCERT textbooks. The rationale is that this will allow for greater representation and awareness among other Indians about the region.

This initiative has involved a need to spread greater awareness about how the Northeast has brought laurels to the nation in sports. So, they talk about the achievements of Mary Kom, Kunjarani, Chekrovulu Swuro, and many others.

“A Chapter for North East” was started to minimize racial discrimination faced by the people of the NE region.

In an interview with ANI, President of AASU Chandigarh, Lingdam Kame, this campaign was a step taken to address the issue and while this may not completely stop the problem it will surely minimize it.

Kame also said that many students from NE face problems like racism 6 to 7 times a month. This is a testament to how common and normalized it has become.

Racism in India and Discrimination Against Outsiders

Racial abuse is not the only problem and other crimes against NE people are also common. Rapes, assaults, murder and other heinous crimes have been committed against people from the NE region.

Just recently, an NE girl was brutally raped and tortured by five men in Bengaluru.

This is not the first time as there have been several other crimes committed on NE people. The murder of Nido Taniam from Arunachal Pradesh still haunts the people of Northeast India.

Most crimes are also racially motivated. However, even after repeated attempts to educate others on the matter, racism in India against NE continues.


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