Reddit Sensation Main Middle Man Has Come Up Again With Some Rumours


Main Middle Man is trending once again with his comments on Eternals, we have compiled some of his rumors to get you updated.

In the past few days, he’s teased several more things, so we thought to recap those rumors here for those that are interested. According to MMM:

  1. The Annihilators will be introduced as a result of further conflicts in the universe

  2. The Hood and his “army” (Masters of Evil maybe?) will be introduced in an upcoming project and will be very important to the MCU

  3. An Asgard series focusing on Sif, Korg, and Valkyrie. Read this:

    Here’s The Translation For Loki’s Drunk Song In Asgardian

  4. An Agents of Wakanda project. Read this: Who Is Playing Black Panther in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

  5. A Black Knight project

  6. A Brother Voodoo projectDoctor-Strange-2-Villain-Brother-Voodoo.jpg

  7. A Thunderbolts project

  8. A Super Skrull project

  9. Various projects and a spinoff related to Eternals

  10. High Evolutionary will be introduced soon

  11. Sony and Marvel are collaborating on a series

  12. Here’s a Reddit roundup of all of the rumors of Main Middle Man so that we could check his authenticity as time goes on: https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers/comments/pa5g5v/a_roundup_of_all_main_middle_mans_m3_rumors_about/

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