5 Relatable Anime Villains With Painful Pasts

Relatable anime villains

Here are 5 Anime Villains who have made a good point though they are villains. Their painful pasts and struggles have led to them becoming what they are.

Tomura Shigaraki – My Hero AcademiaTomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki rose from a clueless rookie villain to the series’ principal antagonist in the My Hero Academia manga and anime. He considered hero society a fraud and was determined to bring it down at any cost. Tomura became involved with and eventually took command of the Paranormal Liberation Front. The group advocated for the unrestricted use of meta abilities.

Yet, total freedom of any type will inevitably result in anarchy and unsafe society. However, Tomura does not care about the safety of citizens, instead, he wants to destroy the world to remake it how he wants.

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 Madara – NarutoMadara: 5 Relatable Anime Villains With Painful Pasts

Madara Uchiha is among the very best villains. Being a one-man army, he had the power to control the tailed animals of the Naruto series. It was Madara’s goal to use his tremendous power to put an end to hatred and war. But he got there in a roundabout way.

In Madara’s view, “the selfish intent of wanting to preserve peace initiates war, and hatred is born in order to protect love.” Hence, his concept of victors leads to the idea of the vanquished and that one must experience both hatred and grief before being able to love.

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Shougo Makishima – Psycho PassShogo Makishima: 5 Relatable Anime Villains With Painful Pasts

People are detained and condemned for crimes they may commit in the future in a society ruled by a computer program called the Sibyl System. Shougo Makishima fights against the unfair and corrupt Sibyl System. Makishima’s actions are perplexing given his noble intentions because he caused unnecessary harm to many individuals.

In addition, he intended to sever the country’s grain supply, which would have had an impact on the efficiency of the Sibyl System but would have resulted in the tragic deaths of many innocent people.

Light Yagami – Death NoteLight Yagami: 5 Relatable Anime Villains

Without a doubt, Death Note is one of the most well-known anime series of all time. Light uses the death note to make it his personal mission to eliminate all evil in the universe. Light uses the death note to act as judge, jury, and executioner, killing numerous people.

Because of his efforts, the crime rate in Japan has dropped by a remarkable 70%. Detective L doesn’t think it’s fair because he believes no single person should have the authority to define right and wrong. The judicial system and the law are responsible for deciding this, and Light supersedes both.

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Itachi – NarutoItachi Uchiha

Itachi is a former member of the Akatsuki in the Naruto anime series. He was viewed as a renegade criminal who had slain his entire clan for fun until he joined the infamous Akatsuki squad. Once Itachi’s history was made public, it became clear that he was more than just a villain.

There was no wrongdoing in Itachi’s eyes if it served a higher purpose. Instead of spreading joy, Itachi advocated for death. Itachi, like many other anime villains before him, had no reservations about killing innumerable people for the sake of “the greater good.” The intent may have been admirable, but the results have been disastrous.

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