12 Comics You Can Relate to If You Have Ever Fallen in Love

Everybody is unique. Hence, everyone’s relationship is unique too. But, there are a few habits and routines that are quite common in every relationship. Of course, this is because of the love between two people. Love is what binds us together, and also makes us the same to an extend.

Keeping that in mind, we present to you 15 Comics by Barmy-Chip-Witch that you will surely relate to if you have ever fallen in love.

1. Watching Movies Together

Falling asleep in their arms. What’s better than that?


2. Hugs Overdose

Hugs are very addictive. Everyone has felt that sudden rush of squishing their loved ones.


3. Monday Mornings Hurt

Leaving them and leaving the bed. Both are hurtful.


4. The First Sleepover Together

What a wonderful feeling it is to spend a night with them. Peace and excitement both are felt at the same time.


5. The Earth Shaking Sneeze

It is more about comfort. Be it a sneeze or a fart, nothing matters in the end.


6. Staying Healthy Together

Many a time, even love cannot make us exercise.


7. Annoying Each Other

We all can relate to the annoyed and loving emotions we feel when they annoy us.


8. Sometimes I Cannot Understand What’s Going Inside Your Head

They embrace their weird side in front of you. But, you embrace it the most.


9. Having Babies Together

Babies mean animals, not humans.


10. The Alone Time

We all need personal space, and when we get it with love, what else is better?


11. They Know What You Need

It’s the efforts that we need.

12. Holding Hands

That mini heartbreak when they take their hands away.


Which comic do you relate to the most? Tell us in the comment box.

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