Release Date Of My Hero Academia Season 5


My Hero Academia is the most popular anime in otakus right now. If you haven’t caught it yet, you should get it right away. Well, back to the topic, it has already been confirmed that My Hero Academy will return to Fifth.

The tweet roughly translates to “Hiroakas fifth season comes.” Now, it is confirmed that the show should not be taken away.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Release Date?

Well, we don’t have an exact date for that. However, we do have some information that can actually be trusted. It is expected that the fifth season of My Hero Academia will not be released until the spring of 2021.



Well, that makes sense. Given the world situation right now, very little work could be done in the anime industry. In fact, many studios have been shut down despite several anime delays in its wake. It is rumoured that the waiting period is longer than the spring of 2021, which we hope is false.

However, to keep the promise, two OVA episodes from My Hero Academia: Make it! Do-Or-Die Survival Training would be released this month. We might hear about more updates along with that episode, who knows?

What might happen in the fifth season?



The fifth season, we think will also follow its manga counterpart storyline. This is where the 1-A class joins with the 1-B to train and develop their abilities. We can also see some stories related to the meta liberation army. Well, we may have to wait for the release for more.

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