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Disney+ Allows You To Request More Movies & Shows

Request Disney Plus Show With The New Feature:

With the streaming platform now available for the public, people can now Request Disney Plus Show on it. Having over 10 million subscribers already, you can now request which shows and movies you wish to see on the platform. A lot of the success of Disney Plus is due to its inclusion of films and shows from the MCU and Star Wars. Moreover, it also has content from Pixar, Disney as well as National Geographic.

On the launch day itself, subscribers got their hands on the new Star Wars series called The Mandalorian. The company also has a bundle of new content on the way for fans. These include the Marvel and Lucasfilm properties as well.

What Is The New Feature?

The platform is now thriving immensely amongst the public. And with this Disney has introduced some new features for its subscribers. One user pointed out that subscribers can now Request Disney Plus Show along with movies for the platform. They can do so by visiting the “Help” section and clicking on the “Give Feedback” button.

From there, users can also suggest new features. This Disney+ Show Request feature will also help to bring attention to any technical issues that may be occurring on the service.

Subsequently, users can also suggest new features to the platform. By doing so, they will help bring attention to any technical issues that Disney Plus may be having.

Our Thoughts On The Request Disney Plus Show Feature:

This easy-to-access feature hints that Disney is taking customer service quite seriously. Moreover, it suggests that the company does care about what its users want from the streaming service. This could very well be one of the biggest reasons for the success of the platform in the longer run.

This is especially because, with the Disney plus on-demand feature, Disney is involving its users. Its subscribers are helping the company to build their library, thereby giving users a more personal experience.


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