Rocket Raccoon: Origin to Death, Everything You Need To Know

Well, you read that right. There are many speculations (kinda made by James Gunn) that Rocket Raccoon might be the one that will be killed off in the third movie of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

Fan-favorite build-a-bear will be killed off with his past being shown in the third movie of the Guardians of the Galaxy. MCU is known to give it’s a fact and have the history and background of even its fictional character on a point. But we haven’t seen the past or what happened to Rocket that made him who he is today.


The Rocket was seen at first as an opportunist and an assassin when it first appeared. But as the franchise moved on with its new films and then the assembling of avengers, we saw him as a more evolved, human? (Nah, he is still a raccoon, but doubt not, he is our fav)

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Rocket, according to the comics, has a very psychotic past. He is from the planet Halfworld, a mental asylum/prison for criminals with psychotic issues. To keep the criminals there calm and give them an animal companion, animals like Rocket were enhanced and altered.

But Judson Jakes and Lord Dyvyne try to steal “the Bible” that is the list and name of all the loonies in there. While protecting that Rocket’s close friend Lylla Otter is abducted. But he gets her back and saves the Halfworld Bible with the help of Blackjack 0’Hare.

Intergalactic Adventures

Rocket somehow cures the illness of all the inmates there and then sets off to his intergalactic adventures. In the comics, at first, Rocket has a Walrus sidekick. Rocket became friends with Star-Lord and was reluctant at first but becomes a family later. Groot and Rocket then retire from the gang and goes back to a regular job but are taken back to the Halfworld, tricked by a psychotic criminal.

Bitter Truth

That is where Rocket finds out that no memory of his past was real and that everything he knew was fake virtual memory put in his mind. It is shown to him by a criminal named Star-Thief who wanted to mess with the inmates and get out of the prison. That’s how Rocket gets to know that he, Blackjack, and Judson Jakes were wardens of this prison and him, guarding the inmates, and Doctor Dyvyne was the head of Psychology.

Marvel and it’s killing spree

The original comics don’t kill Rocket, but the Guardians of the Galaxy movie might do it. In both the films released in the franchise, we saw a heart-breaking death of someone closer to the gang. James Gunn has said that someone will definitely die but hasn’t told who. Since Groot has already been dead once and it’s not possible to kill Peter Quill or Gamora as they are needed to take phase 4 further, there are so many chances that they will kill Rocket.

Can I buy some Enlightenment?

How they will kill is unknown, but we recommend you take a tissue box to the theatres when it releases. But definitely, they will make him go out with a bang!

I will definitely miss him annoying the heck out of his team and him trying to score in the middle of earth’s extinction(him and Winter Soldier, remember?). And let’s pray and hope James Gunn gets enlightenment and doesn’t kill Rocket or anyone. Well, we are still grieving Tony and Nat‘s loss! This is the worst time to be a Marvel fan!

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