Rumour: Wanda Maximoff to Become the Next Villain in MCU


Wanda Maximoff started as the sidekick, more of an errand-running superhero for Ultron. From there she has come a long way in Endgame.

Wanda went on to that easily manipulated one in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie to taking Thanos one on one in Endgame. I tell you, if that giant purple monster didn’t get scared and order the Sanctuary II to rain fire on the ground, Wanda would’ve definitely killed Thanos single-handedly.

Weight of the Crown

Wanda Kills Vision In Infinity War

With Wanda’s powers come, significant responsibilities and sacrifices. She had to kill Vision with her own hands to save the rest of the Universe. It was painful just to watch that. But when you find out that it was all only in vain as Thanos swipes back and gets the stone, it is just heartbreaking.

Death of Closed Ones

Ever since the introduction of Wanda has been done to the MCU, everyone closer to her dies. She has a lot of emotions and has the power to destroy everything with her powers. In the comic books, she erases the entire mutant race because she was angry with her father, by just saying a few words.


Even though many argue that Captain Marvel is more powerful, I think they both make the same impact. Maybe Wanda in Avengers: Age of Ultron might be below Carol Danvers in power, but definitely not the one we saw in Endgame.

Still Not Over It

Even though some claim that Wanda is over the death of Vision, but it doesn’t look like that. Wanda in the comics is shown as someone who changes reality whenever she loses someone very close to her. In the new upcoming series “WandaVision” she is shown living in different realities. It is tough to predict what is going on. While some have suggested that Wanda has completely lost it and is living in an alternate reality trying to control her pain. But that doesn’t work out as easy as she thought too.



It is also said that Wanda might come across Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Some sources claim that Wanda will come in contact with a Dreamworld villain called Nightmare who will control Wanda and make her create problems altercating realities and being a significant pain in the butt for Doctor Strange. While she might not become a Villain like Thanos, it is said that she might become one like Hawkeye in Avengers one, but just a hella lot powerful. What’re his powers again? Oh yeah, he can shoot arrows.

Risen From The Dead

Another interesting theory that is going around is that Wanda might become so pissed that she might go and wakeup Black Widow from the dead. Just the thought of it sounds good. But we still have no idea how strong this theory is and if Scarlett Johansson will come back to Marvel. Let’s just hope.

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We know one thing for sure though, if Wanda is the next MCU villain, it will be one hella fight for the left-out Avengers.

We can’t wait to see that, also please change back to normal once you do the damages with her because we are not ready to give up another Avenger.

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