Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively: Our favourite, cheesiest couple!

With Ryan always having a goofy feud with Hugh Jackman, many forget that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds troll each other more than that. This young Hollywood couple has been married for eight years, and in Hollywood, I swear they are the cutest couple.

“On their 8th anniversary, we bring the ten cheesiest and funniest moments of our favorite, at the same time, savage couples. I know picking ten is near to impossible with these two, but we have tried our best.”

Blake’s Birthday 2020:



Well, this year, they went from just posting their own pictures (cropping out the other) and wishing their partners a happy birthday, to Blake zooming in on Ryan’s flexed muscles and wishing herself a happy birthday!

Delivery Room

Ryan told in Conan’s show that “My wife is the real, I mean she is a mercenary. At one point in the middle of the delivery, the doctor’s cell phone went off, and she said, ‘Oh, no. Go ahead, take a personal call. Feel free.'” Brb, I am laughing my butt off!

Met Gala 2014

Met Gala 2014 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Blake’s Met Gala looks are something people can’t stop talking about, but Met Gala 2014 was different. It just made us fall in love all over with them. The man is in love! Just look at him!!

Hollywood walk of Fame

Ryan Reynolds received his star with his family on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016. The couple brought both their children, and we cannot stop looking at the perfect family.

Golden Globes 2017

Not just this one red carpet event, if you see any picture with the pair in any red carpet event, you can see Ryan commenting on something and Blake trying to hold her poise look. Sometimes they break down and start making goofy faces.

Pikachu Premiere

When Blake came to her husband’s Pikachu premiere with the same color dress as the Pikachu and revealed to the world that she is pregnant with the couple’s third child.


Valentine’s day 2018:


When Ryan baked a cake for Blake, don’t go “awwww,” he used glue instead of icing and said that he is no scientist.

A simple favor trailer:

When the trailer came, everyone had that same question, “what the hell happened to Emily?” So obviously, Ryan also had the same problem and used a hilarious incident as an example to ask her what happened. But obviously, she replied as savage as ever.

Canada to Australia (Ocean crossed lovers)



Hugh and Ryan have the funniest relationship ever in Hollywood stars (try and change my mind about that). This is when the couple (Hugh and Ryan, I mean) took a pic wearing the same dress, and Blake commented, “Is the extra distance between you supposed to convince me that you DON’T love him more than me?? Nice try,”

Ryan Reynolds and his twin


Ryan does the stupidest and hilarious things sometimes, and we can’t stop laughing about it. In that line was this interview of Ryan by his twin brother Gordon. Don’t go searching “Ryan Reynold’s twin bio” on google. It was just a dual role. Anyway, the funny part is Blake’s reaction to that, and Ryan’s savage reply to that.


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