Ryan Reynolds Tries The Bottle Cap Challenge And It Goes Horribly Wrong

The Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has recently tried a famous ongoing Internet challenge, “Bottle Cap Challenge.”

People have been filming themselves kicking bottles and posting them all over your social media feeds.

The #bottlecapchallenge has been doing the rounds. The Canadian actor is the latest superstar to try his hand at the viral fad, which sees participants try to remove bottle caps with a kick.

Not since the “Harlem Shake” and “Ice Bucket Challenge” have top stars gravitated toward a cultural sensation with such aplomb.

Unfortunately for Reynolds, though, he didn’t take to the challenge as easily as Jason Statham (who’s a trained martial artist, to be fair) and John Mayer before him.

Recently on his Twitter handle, Reynolds posted a clip of himself doing the “Bottle Cap Challenge.”

In the video, the Deadpool star tries to remove the cap from a bottle of Aviation Gina brand he owns — with a swift kick. But instead of successfully unscrewing it, Reynolds hit the whole glass instead, causing the whole thing to break.

Reynolds’ uploaded video has been viewed 1.6 million times and has accrued 27,000 retweets in addition to 114,000 likes.

It’s pretty clear that people found the actor’s epic fail to be just as funny as all of his other online antics.

Ryan is not among those serious celebs, but one of a kind who use to make others laugh. His acts like this are a good example showing the reason behind the wide fan base who loves him so much.

By Junkee

Considering the difficulty level, still, many celebrities from around the world including fighters, athletes, musicians, and actors have been giving it a go since the end of last month.

Many have tried with own style but Reynolds’ attempt was a way beyond the imagination. He stands out from the pack due to its shameless plugging of his business venture.

Other than this, the challenge was aced by celebrities like actor Jason Statham, musicians John Mayer, Ellie Goulding as well as Designer Errolson Hugh and UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway.

Of all the celebs who tried the challenge, the IP Man star Donnie Yen did the stunt easily even with a blindfold on.

It’s great to see Reynolds keeping himself active, but fans who want to see him strut his stuff on the big screen will be pleased to know that he has no shortage of projects in the works.

While starring in 2016’s Deadpool, he did weird things during the promotion of the film. It included several hilarious videos which ended up becoming fan-favorites.

The same was repeated later by the makers while promoting Deadpool 2. Other films like Sony’s Venom also used the same mindset when promoting Tom Hardy-flick.

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard and 6 Underground will both arrive in theaters in the near future. Elsewhere, we can expect more outings with the “Merc with the Mouth,” as he’s returning for Deadpool 3 and its spinoff, X-Force.

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