Sabikui Bisco Episode 4: Release Date and Spoilers

The latest episode sets up the beginning of a partnership between Bisco and Milo. Bisco and Pawoo’s battle has finally concluded, the truth behind the mushrooms is revealed and now a new chapter on a joint journey with Milo and Bisco begins! What’s going to happen next on Sabikui Bisco Episode 4? Head down below to find out all that we know about the upcoming episode.

About Sabikui Bisco

The plot of Sabikui Bisco centers on Akaboshi Bisco, a wanted criminal archer known as the “Man-Eating Mushroom”. Set in a post-apocalyptic Japan, Bisco uses his archery skills to instantly grow mushrooms wherever they land to decrease the spread of Rust which is the cause of much of the world’s catastrophe.

Bisco is on a search for the legendary “Sabikui”—a panacean mushroom believed to be able to devour all forms of rust. He wants to enrich the land and return it to its previous state, but he’s considered a criminal since the general public believes that mushrooms cause the Rust’s spread. 

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Recap of Sabikui Bisco Episode 3

  • Captain Pawoo and Bisco are still occupied fighting each other. Meanwhile, Jabi receives treatment and a blood transfusion from Milo.

  • While Pawoo and Bisco fight, Bisco reveals the truth behind the popular belief that mushrooms cause the Rust. He explains that it’s a lie and that it’s actually the other way around.
  • Mushrooms consume Rust, and Bisco’s goal is to lessen the Rust’s spread by growing mushrooms in the areas they visit.
  • When Milo asks how Jabi and Bisco are acquainted, Jabi replies that he’s Bisco’s mentor.
  • He also tells Milo the truth behind the mushrooms and that they’re on the search for a legendary Sabikui (Rust-Eater) mushroom that will provide immense relief from all the Rust.
  • Meanwhile, we see Pawoo who still refuses to believe Bisco’s words and thinks of him as a criminal.

  • Bisco mentions that they know a great doctor in the city who is taking care of them, referring to Milo.
  • Pawoo is further enraged as she doesn’t know if Bisco did something to Milo. Bisco knocks her out with an arrow and returns to Jabi and Milo.
  • Milo injects Pawoo after Bisco tells him that the injection can still work on Pawoo’s Rusting. Jabi reminds them that the Watch may show up soon and says that he’ll hold them off.
  • Bisco protests but Jabi wants Bisco to focus on recovering first. Milo tells Bisco that he wishes to join him on his search for the Sabikui mushroom.
  • Bisco accepts and says that Mushroom Keepers always work as a duo. The two then head for the North Gate, where they plan to escape.

What Can Happen in Sabikui Bisco Episode 4?

  • The title of the upcoming episode is “Ride the Crab”.
  • It seems like the real journey of the series has truly begun!
  • In the preview of Episode 4, we see Bisco and Milo set out together on their search for the Sabikui mushroom without Jabi. As the destined pair embark on their joint journey, the tale finally begins.
  • But the apocalyptic land isn’t so forgiving. The sentiment is voiced by the narrator in the preview.
  • From the looks of it, there seems to be danger awaiting them as the narrator mentions the possibility of death at their next stop.

  • It also seems like Chiroru will be tagging along with the duo as we see her in the preview.
  • Also, since Milo left without leaving Pawoo any note, there’s a possibility that she might follow him, especially when she finds out from her troops that he went with Bisco. But this may just make her Rusting worse.

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Release Date of Sabikui Bisco Episode 4

Sabikui Bisco Episode 4 is scheduled to be released on Monday, January 31, 2022.

Where to Watch?

You can watch the series on sites such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV and Wakanim. It is also available on Muse Asia’s YouTube Channel.

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