Sabikui Bisco Episode 8: Spoilers, Release Date, Other Details

Sabikui Bisco Episode 12

Pawoo has come back to take her brother Milo with her. The Pipe Snake is hovering all over the place like a menacing cloud. His finger-tentacles wriggle in an unsettling way. Will Bisco be able to convince Pawoo of his good intentions? Will Milo and he find the Rust-Eating mushroom? What will Kurokawa do? Read this article to find everything about Sabikui Bisco Episode 8!

About Sabikui Bisco 

Sabikui Bisco is set in a post-apocalyptic Japan which has been ravaged by an arid wind. Rust is all that remains. The cause of this desolate state is supposed to be Mushroom pores.

Bisco Akaboshi, known as the “Man-Eating Mushroom,” is a wanted criminal archer whose arrows cause mushrooms to grow wherever they land. The anime follows his adventures with Milo and Akutagawa the crab as they search for the legendary mushroom Sabikui which can destroy all forms of rust. 

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Recap of Sabikui Bisco Episode 8

Since Episode 8 hasn’t been released we can go over the events of Episode 7 once. Milo and Bisco have come to get the pit snake and Pawoo shows up. She demands her brother back but Bisco says that Milo came with him out of his own volition. 

Sabikui Bisco Episode 8

The Pipe Snake continues to stream in the air and grunt loudly. He nearly crushes Pawoo’s motorcycle. The snake gets hold of Pawoo in one of its finger-like tentacles. Milo immediately comes to the rescue, riding Akutagawa. The crab digs its pincer in the snake and causes it to release Pawoo. Bisco catches her but now Milo and Akutagawa are in danger. 

Some very well-choreographed action scenes follow and Bisco is finally able to plunge an arrow into the beast and kill him with mushrooms. The ruse-eating mushrooms that they find on the body of the snake are of not much use so Bisco decides to continue his hunt. 

Milo soon discovers that the Rust-Eater on the snake will only become alive after it comes in contact with a Mushroom Guardian’s blood. Pawoo goes to repair her bike while Milo and Bisco unravel the mysteries of the mushroom and a Guardian’s blood. 

Sabikui Bisco Episode 8

The governor had been following Bisco and he shows up in an airship. Bisco’s mushrooms don’t work as the covering of the vehicle is antifungal. He shoots Bisco with a rust bullet who falls down bleeding. Then he flies away with the carcass of the dead beast. 

Pawoo gives Bisco a vial of medicine to counteract the effect of rust. She rides off to Shimobuki Garrison, but it has already been hijacked by Kurokawa. Bisco discovers that Pawoo is under the governor’s control so he prepares to leave to save her.

Sabikui Bisco Episode 8

But Milo does not allow that and fights him, as he does not want to lose his only friend. Bisco gets sick due to the rust. Milo decides to save Pawoo for Bisco and Jabi’s sake. 

Spoilers and Preview 

Sabikui Bisco Episode 8’s title is “Fiendish Trap”. We see Milo taking on governor Kurokawa in the preview. We get a glimpse of Jabi and it is possible that the young doctor will be assisted in his mission by him. 

Perhaps Milo will be able to rescue Pawoo from Kurokawa’s clutches. We will see character development on his part and if Bisco’s situation worsens. 

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Release Date

Sabikui Bisco Episode 8 will be released on 28 February 2022. 

Where to watch?

You can watch the series on sites such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV and Wakanim. It is also available on Muse Asia’s YouTube Channel.


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