Saddest Chainsaw Man Deaths

Here is everything you need to know about the saddest Chainsaw Man deaths.

Akane Sawatori: Chapter 38

The villainous Akane Sawatori wasn’t too sympathetic, and she was far from Best Girl in Chainsaw Man. But even so, she was a fairly interesting and engaging side character who had a contract with the mighty Gun Devil and fought alongside Katana Man.

Akane kept Denji, Himeno, and Aki on their toes with her expert use of the Snake Devil, a monster that could even stand up to Himeno’s Ghost Devil. In fact, Akane later used the Ghost Devil for herself against Aki, but in the end, she fell in battle, never to return.

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Beam The Shark Devil: Chapter 65

Beam provided a great deal of lightheartedness to this dark story. Always eager to help others, the Shark Devil never shied away from a fight, especially when others were at risk.

Even during Beam’s final moment in Hell, he was more concerned with the well-being of others and urged Denji to drink his blood so that the Chainsaw Devil could revive himself. Sadly, his kindness was never rewarded, as he is brutally killed by being torn to shreds.

Denji/Chainsaw Man: Chapter 1

Not even protagonist Denji is safe from Chainsaw Man’s wrath. Denji had very little growing up in lonely poverty, and then his creditor. A nameless mobster, decided to unleash the Zombie Devil on him.

Denji ran for his life, only to get slain. He was just an innocent, miserable boy, but he died all the same in the first Chainsaw Man death. He cheated death when Pochita, his devil dog, ingested blood and fused with him.

Angel Devil: Chapter 76

Known simply as Angel, this devil is a unique one. The Angel Devil was more reserved than the other devil hunters and often appeared sympathetic. Even so, he still claimed he was a devil first and angel second and believed all humans should die in pain.

A companion and comfort for Aki after the death of Himeno, it’s clear to all readers that he was more sympathetic and caring than he let on. Unfortunately, his fate was sealed after learning about Makima’s plan.

Aki Hayakawa: Chapter 76

The heart-wrenching death of the devil hunter Aki is not only one of the saddest in Chainsaw Man but maybe one of the saddest in any media ever. As a parental figure for both Power and Denji, Aki felt a lot of responsibility. Which left him often overwhelmed.

In a cruel twist of fate, Aki is taken over by the Gun Fiend and goes on a killing spree. What makes this worse is Aki doesn’t realize what he is doing and instead thinks he is having a snowball fight with his friends. A broken-hearted Denji understands what he must do and kills Aki, the Devil Fiend, leading to the saddest Chainsaw Man death of all.

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