Samuel L Jackson: Facts You Didn’t Know About This Legend

The man, the myth, the legend! Samuel L Jackson is a man you never can be not a fan of. If you hate him, sorry, there is no good movie you could watch.

Can you even believe he is 71 years old? His quirky attitude, his “are you kidding” face, and his roles in movies makes us feel the guy is still younger. This legendary actor turns 72 on 21st December.

Jackson is not only among the highest-grossing actors of all time, but he also has such a big filmography that it would be easy to count the movies he is not actually in.

Here we present to you some unknown facts about Samuel L Jackson.


Origin of M***** F*****


Many know this as just a trademark curse word of Jackson, especially with how Marvel brought that aspect of Jackson into his Nick Fury character.

But what many don’t know is that Jackson started using the word in order to help him overcome stuttering, which he had ever since he was small.


Nick Fury Backlash

Nick Fury is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved characters in the MCU. There is no stopping Nick Fury, and literally, there is no stopping us fans from being an avid follower of the character.

But, Jackson and Marvel faced backlash when Marvel cast the actor for the role. The main reason was that a white actor played the role in the comics. Let me tell you this, you racist punks, casting Jackson as Nick Fury is the best decision marvel took after casting Robert Downey Jr.


Fury Mix Up


While Jackson’s casting was creating waves, there was another reason why Marvel stood strong in their decision. Mark Millar, the artist who created Nick Fury’s look for the MCU, took Jackson as his inspiration and exploited his persona and image in making Fury.

Now, as we know, Jackson is a comic book fan; he was completely aware of the things going on, and even when Millar asked Jackson if he was mad about that, this was his answer, “No, man! Thanks for the nine-picture deal!” (Mannn, he is so cool) 


Famous Mentor 

Jackson has been a household name from his early 40s, but he has been in the movie business for more than four decades.

Even before Jackson rose to fame, he has been mentored by another legendary actor. That’s right, Jackson’s mentor was none other than Morgan Freeman. Well, talk about legends creating legends!


40 Years of Bliss

Samuel L. Jackson and Wife LaTanya Richardson

For the tough guy roles he picks up and the witty characters he always plays, Jackson is different when it comes to family.

The actor has been married to his wife, LaTanya Richardson, for 40 years. He also claims that she is the one that keeps him grounded and that she is the most honest critic in his life and that her criticisms have helped him evolve as an actor.



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