Sebastian Stan Doubts If It’s Really Goodbye For Captain America

Winter Soldier Infinity War

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame has proved to be a huge critical and commercial success after hitting screens on April 26. The epic movie did everything that was expected of it. From busting box office records and providing a satisfying conclusion to over a decade of MCU plotlines.

Sabestian Stan

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Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan recently appeared at an Italian fan convention where he asked the audience about the ending. The ending provided an end for the two main plot of the first era of the franchise with the sacrifice of Iron Man to stop Thanos and Cap traveling back in time.

Bucky doubts for Cap’s future

The last we see of Rogers is him as an elderly man who had lived his whole life with her lady love. He’s shown passing his responsibility, the shield to Sam Wilson a symbol of him leaving the franchise.

So now we will be seeing new Captain America face in Phase 4. The new face will be Bucky as rumors say. But he’s not clear cut on the face of Captain America. Bucky is unsure about the cast doubt on Steve Rogers being gone from the MCU for good.

Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans at Comic-Con with Fans

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He addressed the conclusion of Roger’s story on Italian Convention Jus, saying:
“You see when we were filming the movie, I didn’t know I was going to be apparently filming it for the last time with them. … I think it’s difficult to…I don’t know if it’s goodbye to Steve yet. I don’t know, you know? I wonder about that.”
It’s an intriguing statement. My bet is that while we won’t see Evans taking a lead role in any future MCU movies, we may well see him pop up in cameos. His hilarious appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming as an example is brief about his character. After all, in the wake of the events of Endgame, Captain America should be considered an international idol and hero.

Chris Evans

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Endgame is over now and Marvel’s die-hard fans might surely have watched it. Technically to bring an end to Phase 3, Marvel teased Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, is definitely set to be deified after Endgame. Stan spoke about watching his final scenes being filmed as well, saying:
“It was definitely very sad to watch the scene with Robert, it was just kind of unreal. It’s been ten years since we’ve been with his character and it’s just weird to think how anything could be without him. They’re pretty amazing, that’s for sure.”
“I can’t argue with that. They are pretty amazing and it’s been a pretty amazing decade, which was capped off perfectly with the incredible achievement that was Avengers: Endgame.”

Stan’s Future

Stan appeared in four different Marvel Studios films till now. He will reprise his role as The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes in Falcon & The Winter Soldier.
Disney has launched a new streaming platform, Disney+ which will be showcase tv series, shows, biographies. Marvel releases will also be a part of this platform. The new streaming platform is set to debut this November. Marvel head, Kevin Feige revealed shows will be very much part of MCU with most of the series and some new web series.

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