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Maeve and Otis Break Up In Sex Education Season 3

Netflix recently dropped the third season of the original series Sex Education. The relationship between Maeve and Otis has been a roller coaster ride. These friends turned lovers had a complex journey, each series ending with setting them apart.

What happened in Season 1?

In season 1, Maeve and Otis become a friend to run an illegal sexual counseling business in school. Otis soon develops feelings for Maeve. Otis is an unpopular nerd whereas Maeve is a badass girl on Moordale Campus.  Due to contradicting personalities, Otis accepts Maeve would never love her back.

By the time, Maeve gets into a relationship with the school head boy name Jackson. Later, Maeve gets to know that he bribed Otis to make Maeve his girlfriend. Maeve becomes extremely angry. Though later her anger subsides and she goes to Otis to apologize. But she got late as Otis made Ola her girlfriend. And season 1 came to a halt.

What happened in season 2?

Things went another way around. This time Maeve was jealous of finding Otis with Ola together. Nevertheless, Ola soon realizes she likes girls and breaks up with Otis. This breaks Otis’s heart. While Otis was drunk he insults Ola and Maeve.

Later on, Ola makes Otis understand and asks him to confess his love to Maeve. Otis calls up Maeve but she was at the quiz. He leaves a voice mail apologizing and confessing his love. But Issac comes in between. He deletes his voice mail. Hence the feud continues and the season ends.

What happens in season 3?

All the viewers of seasons 1 and 2 had hopes that Maeve and Otis would finally settle together. Crushing all our hopes, the writers leave us heartbroken again.

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In starting few episodes of season 3, Maeve and Otis are at truffle with each other. Otis seemed to have moved on with life as he gets into a casual relationship with Ruby (one of the hot-untouchables at school.)

In the beginning stage, both had indulged only in sex but soon Ruby falls in love with Otis.  Otis didn’t feel the same way and he breaks her heart.

Maeve on the other hand starts falling in love with Issac. But the night she tries kissing him, he confesses about deleting Otis’s voice mail. Maeve gets angered and she leaves.

The entire class goes on a trip to France. Maeve and Otis get left behind at a refueling station. The lovers finally kiss.

But wait a minute, there’s no happy ending. Maeve gets admission to her dream college in the USA. To pursue her career Maeve and Otis again get apart. And season 3 leaves the Maeve and Otis shippers in tears.

You can watch the series on Netflix.

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