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Sex Education Season 3 Quotes That Capture The Essence Of The Show

Sex Education S3
  1. “She hasn’t responded to my message. She’s made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t want me in her life so, no. I don’t need to know what Maeve is doing anymore.”

Picking off where S2 ended, Isaac deletes Otis’s message before Maeve listens to it. Otis begins to feel that Maeve has moved on from him and begins to ignore her. He tells Eric on the first day of school that he isn’t interested in learning about Maeve’s affairs because she has made it clear that she doesn’t want him in her life.

2. “Mum still isn’t answering me. She hates me.”

Maeve alerts the cops on her mother in Season 2, who is still using narcotics and isn’t completely clean. Maeve believes that having her sister live apart from her mother is in her sister’s best interests. Maeve tries to contact her mother several times after the incident and leaves numerous voice messages, but she receives no response from her mother, who is furious with her for alerting the cops.


3. “If this is what you wanna do mum then, yeah, I’m fine with it. I mean, I’m not going to be living at home forever.”

Jakub and Jean decide to move in together in preparation of the new addition to the family. Jakub and Ola take up residence in the Milburn home. Otis is initially dissatisfied with the arrangement, but eventually comes to appreciate and accept their presence in the house. When Otis notices Ola invading his territory, he resents the new living arrangement.

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4. “Last term, I was sexually assaulted. And I thought I was getting over it but I don’t think I am.”


Aimee is still struggling to recover from the horrible occurrence on the bus where she was assaulted. She has issues with intimacy and has experienced setbacks in her relationship with Steve as a result. Aimee goes to Jean to talk about her difficulty on Maeves’ recommendation because she feels safe talking to her about it.

5. “I used to get changed in the abandoned toilet block so the idiot popular girls wouldn’t say shit about my body.”

It was never easy being a Queer in school. Before they were demolished, the abandoned bathrooms on campus served as a safe haven for many. Cal is one of those people. Cal had converted the space into her dressing room so she wouldn’t have to listen to the other girls’ criticism. The abandoned restrooms were a spot where she didn’t have to worry about being judged by others.


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6. “We live in completely different worlds Aimee. I’m not rich like you.”

Maeve decides not to attend the school trip because she is unable to raise the necessary finances. Her journey is funded by an anonymous donor. Maeve is enraged when she learns that the donor is none other than Aimee. She prefers to be self-sufficient and does not expect anyone to help her.

She informs Aimee that she should not have done this without her permission. Aimee and Maeve have a squabble. Maeve continues to tell Aimee that money is important to her and that she does not wish to be a charity case.


7. “I don’t…I don’t want to lose you again”

Maeve and Otis work out their differences after being left behind in France. Otis offers Maeve a rundown of what he expressed in the voice message he left for her. Maeve’s emotions flood back when she listens to this. On screen, they enjoy a much-anticipated moment. Maeve is comforted by Otis’ assurance that it has always been her.

8. “Jean is out of surgery”

Jean gives birth to a girl who is born prematurely. During the process, she runs into a snag. After extensive bleeding, she is rushed into surgery. In the hospital, Jakub, Ola, Eric, and Otis eagerly await any news. Otis is concerned that something bad will happen to her. Jean’s procedure is a success, and she emerges healthy and whole. Otis exhales a sigh of relaxation.


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9. “So this is goodbye. No, No. this is see you soon.”

Maeve’s mom arranges for funds so that Maeve can go to the U.S and take part in a program that can secure her future. Maeve decides not to go until Aimee convinces her not to throw her life away over a boy. Maeve comes to the Milburn house to say her goodbyes and see Otis one last time.

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