Guests Having Sex on Tables During Covid in this Restaurant in Brazil


Brazilian restaurant and bar Izakaya Hyotan is accused of hosting swingers amid the pandemic.

Allegedly, the staff had sex on the tables of the bar where the customers have eaten earlier.

The sex party’s claims in the restaurant are made by an anonymous Brazilian Twitter user who posted pictures. To which the restaurant even responded twice, and it did not seem to deny the allegations.

However, the owner of the restaurant, Keiji, claims that the pictures have not been taken recently. He also made very aggressive and rude comments, on which he faced a backlash from the people. He also received many death threats.


As a result of the backlash, he apologized through an Instagram post.


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A post shared by Izakaya Hyotan (@izakaya.hyotan)

He wrote (translated to English from Portuguese):

“I’m receiving threats and a lot of people want to see me burning in hell for my sins .. yesterday’s post was to really assume my mistake because everyone needed a position and there is not much to explain, the conclusions and interpretations have already been taken before I could even say anything or defend myself.
I really missed it! I was irresponsible, but believe me, and I am not a bad or insensitive person.
Who is from the night, you know, these photos are old, because they had been circulating in WhatsApp groups long before all of that …
I am willing to commit and learn from the episode and vehemently say that it will never happen again.
I have a lot of affection and love for all my clients.
I know that my attitude has disappointed many people who like and admire my work, I am here to apologize truly.
Although I always take care of cleaning and hygiene, and safety protocols, I am looking for a professional disinfection company so that there is no doubt about our concern and zeal for the hyotan and everything that involves it. Care will be tripled.
I became a meme and the most talked about topic on Twitter. We don’t want to be part of the problem, and we want to be a solution. So as a form of reparation and apology (YES, I’M ASKING EXCUSES), I will donate part of the profit from the new menu item (gastronomic orgy) to help some Covid combat institution.
I ask for forgiveness and commit myself to learn from the mistake.”


Reportedly, the Prana State Justice Department is aware of the incident and has opened an inquiry to investigate what happened.

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