Shaman King (2021) Episode 15: Can Yoh Asakura defeat Hao?

Shaman King (2021) Episode 15 was released on the 8th of July, 2021. The new episode covered a lot of background information and the historical context of Hao and the Asakura family. The Asakura family has explicit links with Hao for millennia and their strained relationship is explained in detail. 

The episode provided the reasons for the urgency of stopping Hao from carrying out his plans of annihilating all mankind and turning into a world for Shamans only. However, the focal point looming over the background was: Will Yoh Asakura be able to defeat Hao? Let’s explore this question in depth. 

Hao: The One Who Mastered The Pentagram

In Episode 15, Anna met the acting head of the Asakura family and they discussed the clan’s history. Anna calls herself the Shaman King’s wife i.e. Yoh Asakura’s wife. Though Hao was banished and sealed, the old man reveals that Hao has reincarnated into this world and is gonna carry out his plan. 

He roughly explains the meaning of the pentagrams that decorate the room. The five corners of the pentagrams signify the five elements or principles that are crucial for all creation to thrive. Therefore, anyone who masters these forces will be able to command the wild elements that rule nature. 

Hao is the only one who has been able to achieve this mastery. Thus, he can predict the future and with this ability, he helped the Asakura family win the Emperor’s favour to become his Diviner. He can even control Shikigami demons, which are uncontrollable and incredibly powerful.

The Onmyoji Gets Power to Summon Demons

Despite becoming an Onmyoji famous all over the country, he suddenly reverses track and decides to create a Shaman-only world. No one knows what future he saw that made him choose a dangerous and blood-filled path. 

The Asakura family’s realization that Hao’s plan needs to be stopped immediately is too late and almost impossible. Hao had mastered the art of the Onmyodo which basically rendered him impossible to defeat. 

Can Hao Be Defeated?

There’s one way Hao can be defeated. But it’s a slim chance. By performing the Taizan Kun ritual, one can learn to master his own soul. Their mission as the Asakura family is to put an end to Hao’s plans as soon as possible. Otherwise, their clan will suffer from great shame.

Though it seems unlikely that Yoh can defeat Hao at this stage, Yoh has immense potential. However, Yoh still has no clue about his calling and his duty which he can’t abandon. But since Yoh is the only one with the strength to defeat Hao, they’ll have to go ahead with bestowing all the responsibility to Yoh. 

Hao Knows That His Two Shikigami have been killed

The only hope left is to use the book that contains the spell used by Hao himself. The catch is that the spell can be used only by the descendants of Hao, which even Yoh is. Hopefully, Yoh will be able to bypass this limit.

Shaman King 2021 Episode 16 Release Date

The next episode will be released on the 15th of July 2021. 

Where To Watch Shaman King 2021

Shaman King is available only on Netflix Japan at the moment. However, it’s about to come soon all over the world. From the 9th of August 2021, it’ll be available on Netflix in all regions. 

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