She-Hulk Finale: Video Reveals Scenes That’ll Appear In Last Episode

She-Hulk: The Lawyer has now aired eight of its nine episodes, so Tatiana Maslany’s first MCU outing is almost complete. The last few weeks have seen the reintroduction of Abomination, a clash with the Wreckers, the vile Lord Immortal, the appearance of Intelligencia, and more. Charlie Cox’s Daredevil returned last in the series, of course. The pair of Jennifer Walters and Matt Murdock were great together and as you can imagine, the demand for Cox’s Marvel hero is growing daily.

But what will the viewers be left with in the final? First, Bruce Banner is bound to return to Earth at some point – and there are more than a few loose ends in Jen’s acquisition of powerful blood. Fans have been watching all the promo footage that the audience hasn’t seen yet so they can guess what the show might bring to its finale.
Thanks to Reddit user u/KostisPat257, all the unaired footage from She-Hulk: Law Firm various promos has been compiled into one handy video.

First, Jen beats her bed; totally understandable considering how episode 8 ended. Speaking of how the last episode ended, it looks like it got some unwanted press attention when the audience sees a large camera crew outside Jen’s window.

It looks like Emil Blonsky will end up on parole at some point because he really shouldn’t be in his scary form – maybe his inhibitor failure in episode 7 wasn’t a fluke. Many people assumed that this Clumsy Hero review by Tatiana Maslany was the last shot or scene of the series. He’s taking off that gorgeous-looking purple suit, isn’t he? The short teaser for the series, which debuted in Disney Days 2021, is also missing two shots that aren’t in the Reddit post. The first is a shot of Jen’s dress from behind, and it’s kind of a reveal. There’s a good chance this series never came out.

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