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Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle Season 2 release date?

Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle is an anime series that aired from April 6, 2020 till June 22, 2020. The first season gave us 12 amazing episodes and managed to create a loyal fanbase of the series. The response from the critics and viewers have been great, so the anime is off to a good start.

The renewal status of the anime clearly depends on the success and popularity of the show. Shironeko Project received a generous rating which means there is a high chance for the second season to come back. 

Fans of the anime! If you are eagerly waiting for announcements, here’s what we have gathered so far.

Will the anime be renewed for a second season?

Regarding the next season, it is very uncertain to predict anything right now. And unfortunately, no official confirmation has been given for Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle season 2. At this point, we can only speculate.

Anime shows are greenlit for production depending on the commercial success. And since the series proved to be a hit, the creators might return with a new season. Also, the first season was released just some months back. So there is enough time for a new update.

As of now, until an official statement comes from the makers, we can only hope and wait for it to be released soon. In the meantime, for those of you who haven’t watched the anime, make sure to check it out!

What is the Anime about?

The story follows the world divided into two kingdoms: the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Black. New forces of evil start attacking the entire world. At the same time, the Black King of darkness with the demons attack the lands in the sky.

The Black Prince, however, falls in love with the White Maiden of the sky known as Iris. Hence, Yami No Ouji (the Black Prince) defies the orders of the Black king. The war ravaged the world around the land and the skies.

As Iris and the Prince of darkness each challenge the nearing doom the world faces, they hope that their union would end the war.




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