‘Shweta’- The New Meme Trend (Video)

In these tough times, humor is our only lifesaver. Memes have always been a coping mechanism for teenagers, as well as adults. The meme is basically the art of finding humor in the darkest things. Nowadays, anything can become a meme, from Binod to the Pawri Girl, and now ‘Shweta‘.

How did Shweta become a meme?

This incident took place on a Zoom video call in India. Shweta was on a video call with her classmates when she forgot to turn off her mic. As a result, everybody in the meeting could hear her private conversation with her friend, Radhika, over a phone call.

Shweta’s friends kept asking her to turn off her mic, but she could not listen to them. She kept disclosing the secrets of a guy to her friend over a phone call. She also mentioned on the phone call that the guy only shared his secrets with her. To which, a classmate replied: “Now 111 people know it too.

Here is the full video on YouTube of Shweta’s conversation with her friend, uploaded by Best Play:

This conversation took the internet by storm, and now it is the new meme trend of 2021. People are going crazy and cannot stop making Shweta a national meme.

No matter how funny this incident is, we all feel sorry for the guy who shared his “secrets” with her. Because now, not only 111 people but the whole internet knows it.

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