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Skate-Leading Stars Anime to Premiere on January 10


The official website of the anime, Skate-Leading Stars, uploaded a promotional video on Friday with the anime’s premiere date on various platforms.

Premiere Date

The video opens with the anime’s theme song “Chase the Core” and goes on to show that the anime will premiere on Tokyo MX on January 10 and on BS11 and MBS on January 12.

The anime is already behind schedule due to the disruptions caused by Coronavirus. The original anime was scheduled to premiere in July but now rescheduled to premiere on January 10, 2021.

Original Anime

Skate-Leading Stars is an original anime by J.C. Staff company. Goro Taniguchi of ‘Maria the Virgin Witch‘ fame is the chief director of this anime, while Toshinori Fukushima of ‘Tamayomi’ fame is the anime series director. Takao Sakuma composes the theme song, “Chase the Core.”

Yoko Ito, who is also the chief animation director, is designing the characters for animation. Former competitive figure skater Hirokazu Kobayashi will be collaborating with TETSU from the Bugs Under Groove dance company for choreography.

High School Boys

The anime revolves around Kensei Maeshim, who gives up figure skating when he couldn’t win against his biggest rival. After seeing an announcement made by his rival that he is shifting from single figure skating to “Skate-Leading” (competitive team-based skating), Kensei is urged by Hayato Sasugai to join with him and compete.

There is no such thing as Skate-Leading in real life, it’s just a fictional, made-up competition by the writers where the skating team is awarded points for various factors in their performance.

The Art of Figure Skating

Stuff like coordination between the team, creativity, choreography, and so much more earn points for each team. Nine judges judge the competition, and each team consists of three members.

Hayato Sasugai urges Kensei, knowing about his single skating career. Kensei was never able to commit to one thing in his life after giving up on figure skating. Maybe now, with this new mode of skating, finally, Kensei will win against his long-standing rival, Reo Shinozaki.

A manga adaption of this anime was announced to run in Monthly G Fantasy.

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