Sloppy Editing & Lackluster Choreography In Quantumania

A lot of the small stuff adds up. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has often prided itself on being meticulous in its attention to detail, many minor issues with Quantumania end up leaving the movie feeling like it needed a bit more oversight in some areas.

One example is the constant use of unnecessary quick cuts, which can often disorient viewers. A great example of this is when Kang lets go of Scott, who then falls to the ground—but instead of one fluid motion, the brief action is shown in three quick cuts.

Then there’s the observation that the story could have been easily navigated and avoided if the characters talked to each other. The biggest perpetrator of this was Michelle Pfeiffer’s Janet, who was needlessly not telling her family important information when there was plenty of time and reason to do so.

Another point is the matter of clunky choreography in even basic scenes and unnecessary moments where the characters pause what they’re doing to deliver a few quips. This happens the most with Scott and Cassie.

Obviously, the two are great together, but there were a few times when the two found themselves in the middle of a battlefield, taking off their helmets for no reason, throwing a joke or two, then jumping back in it.

It’s also been noted that the Freedom Fighters didn’t really add much to the plot, and the story could have done without them—utilizing the extra time on the core cast.

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