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Snipe’s Quirk In My Hero Academia Explained

Snipe's quirk

Here’s all you need to know about Snipe Quirk.

About Snipe Quirk

In Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia, Snipe is a talented Pro Hero and a member of the U.A. High. His appearance is easily distinguishable among other Pro Heroes as he looks like a cowboy. Snipe, being a professional mentor for the best hero academy, packs a good knowledge of his own ability.

He is portrayed as a calm and rational person who ultimately contributes to expertly modulating his Quirk in critical situations.

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Snipe’s Quirk Specialty

In My Hero Academia, Snipe is a professional Hero with an incredible aiming ability. Named Homing, the Quirk allows him to lock on to any target he can see within six hundred meters and make any missile he fires to chase after that target.

Although his Quirk is beneficial for catching villains or tracking them for a secret attack, Snipe’s Quirk is not immensely powerful. However, the Pro Hero has made good use of it over time and has significantly contributed to society. Snipe equipped himself with a pair of modified guns that look like a baller gun set.

He uses smoke grenades to help him hide his movements or mislead his opponents, aiding him in the passing of rescue work. The gas mask on his outfit is likewise a result of this. Snipe has been seen using his Quirk often in My Hero Academia.

In the battle between the U.A. teachers and the League of Villains, he saved Izuku, Denki, Kyoka, and Momo by shooting Tomura Shigaraki. Denki was held hostage, so Snipe had to shoot twice to get him free. During the first term’s final exam, Snipe stood all alone against Mezo and Toru in the corridor.

The Pro Hero noticed them hiding behind a stone pillar. After he threw a smoke bomb to numb their vision and shot down the pillar using his Quirk and guns. Moreover, Snipe used all of his capabilities to fight the best he could.

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Final thoughts

Homing gives Snipe the edge over enemies as he engages in long-range attacks. Being able to lock onto a target from such a long distance comes with its own perks, and the modifications coordinated well with his inborn quality.

Snipe uses his intellect to overpower his Quirk and make the most out of it. Moreover, his calm and composed personality enable him to observe the next move of the opponent and fix his target from a longer distance. This provides him with a great amount of stealth and focuses that he needs to win against his enemies in a battle.

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