So I’m A Spider So What Episode 24 delayed

So I’m a Spider So What Episode 24 will be delayed according to the official website for the television anime. The staff is delaying the 24th and final episode for the arc due to production issues.

The story revolves around a high school student who dies and reincarnates as a spider in a fantasy world. She also reincarnates in a dungeon filled with really powerful creatures.

The story follows the spider’s survival and journey to become a powerful being. The anime started on January 8. It will run for two quarters of the year. Crunchyroll is streaming the anime.

The anime is supposed to start last year. However,  the pandemic affected production. Shin Takagi from berserk 2016 is directing the anime at Millepensee studio. Shunichiro Ueda is the assistant director.

Author Okina Baba and Yuichiro Momose are the head writers. Tomohiro Yoshida is the chief animator and Shuji Katayama is composing the music.

So I’m a Spider So What Episode 24 is the conclusion of this arc according to manga sources. The previous episode i.e, 23 shows the Demon Army approaching the elf village. Potimas the leader of the elves orders his Gloria Units to battle.

Shun overpowers Hugo and Merazophis commander of the 4th demon army arrives. Shun and his party attack Sophia. Wrath, reincarnation is the Commander of the 8th demon army.

The Gloria Units attack Sophia and Wrath as Ariel approaches the elf village with a woman in white. This woman is Julius’ killer.

Many fans are speculating that the killer is actually Shiraori. They believe that she has been able to evolve again and gain a human form.

The website, however, did not announce when the episode will stream next. The episode should have aired on Friday.

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