Solo Leveling Chapter 159: Jin-woo Uses Status Effect Recovery Mid Battle to Heal Himself and Shocks the Monarchs!

With Chapter 159 of Solo Leveling having been released just recently on the 22nd of July, fans got to see a bit of the anticipated battle between Jin-woo and the monarchs.

This latest chapter shows Beru also fighting alongside Jin-woo and him being a very wholesome character overall. Fans are currently saying that this is one of the best chapters in a long while and rightly so! Continue reading to find out more.

Jinwoo Gets Injured and Bleeds After a Long Time 

Many fans took to the internet to express how refreshing they found the chapter to be as it’s been some time now not seeing Jin-woo struggle. He’s being pushed into a corner with the new challenge of fighting against three monarchs simultaneously.

This seems like a huge character growth moment for Jinwoo. He’s always portrayed as too strong and this makes it seem like the other characters are irrelevant.

So the fact that he’s struggling a little in this chapter creates the necessary tension fans have been dying to see. It also establishes the monarchs as formidable characters and ups the whole game of the manhwa.

The Team up Between Jinwoo and Beru is Fantastic! 

Beru is in full on support mode as he assists Jinwoo in his battle against the three monarchs. The panel where Beru and Jinwoo cut the humanoid insects is very tastefully done.

In between this high-stakes tension battle moment, we also get some comedy relief in the form of a highly cutesy Beru as he praises Jinwoo and also when he shouts at the monarch of plagues and insects: “You crazy bitch!” This chapter does great in cementing Beru’s position with Jinwoo and also with fans as his fan favorite status increases even higher.

Were the Monarchs Unaware that Jinwoo has Status Effect Recovery? 

The monarchs don’t seem to know that there’s a whole game system built into his body. They simply think Jinwoo is working with the architect and that is how he’s able to exert that much power of the original shadow monarch.

So the monarchs have no clue about this healing ability of his and the frost monarch also tells him his time is up as his wound is fatal. It is at this moment when Jinwoo scoffs and starts using the status effect recovery. And the panel shows two of the monarchs’ surprised faces.

Release Date of Solo Leveling Chapter 160

Solo Leveling Chapter 160 will be released on 29th July.

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