Solo Leveling Chapter 167 Release Date and Spoilers

As obvious, Solo Leveling Chapter 166 didn’t fail to give us the right amount of adrenaline and plot development that we all crave for. Now, we’re back to waiting in desperation for the new chapter, Solo Leveling Chapter 167 to release soon. 

Things are getting pretty emotional as we see Jin-Woo confronting his dad over why he left him when he was just a young boy. We’ve seen how he’s become insanely strong after he got the power of the Shadow Monarch. 

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If you wish to know more about the details of the release of Solo Leveling Chapter 167, please read further. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 167 Release Date

The upcoming Solo Leveling chapter will get released on September 15 or September 16, 2021. However, there are some differences in timings based on the release dates. Hopefully, there shall be no delays and you’ll get your weekly dose of action in time. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Recap

Here’s a brief outline of what happened in the previous chapter:

  • Jin-Woo listens to his father as he tries to understand why he abandoned his whole family without any word. 
  • His dad got trapped in another dimension after not leaving it on time. Thus, he used the only available option of coming back as the rulers’ emissary. 
  • After that miraculous survival, his dad became the protector of the Monarch of Shadows. 
  • After his dad is deemed as not useful anymore to the Rulers, his body starts melting away with bright flashes of yellow light. But Jin-Woo and his dad have come to a point of reconciliation where they don’t hate each another anymore. 
  • Even Jin-Woo’s entire family come to comprehend what happened to their beloved and there is closure finally. 
  • As Jin-Woo declares an announcement of war against all the Monarchs for their despicable actions, we see hunters who have arrived from all over the world waiting to break open the gates. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 167 Spoilers

The raw scans will get released very soon around the 14th of September, 2021. By then, we’ll have enough content to speculate on what plot we can expect for Solo Leveling Chapter 167. But there will be a lot of action-packed scenes with a lot of chaos. 

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