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Solo Leveling Chapter 175 Release Date And Spoilers

The previous chapter showed the continuation of the battle between Jinwoo and the Monarch of Destruction as Jinwoo finally lured him to the isolated island that houses his castle. A lot of other hunters are currently fighting various beasts and contributing to the larger battle.

But, even S-Rank hunters will not make much difference and the fate of the world ultimately lies on Jinwoo. What will be the outcome? Curious about Solo Leveling Chapter 175? Read on to find out details about release date, previous chapter recap and spoilers. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 175 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 175 is scheduled to release on Thursday, November 25th, 2021, for Korean fans. Those in the west can access the chapter from Wednesday, November 24th. 

Recap of Solo Leveling Chapter 174

At the start of the chapter, we see Norma Selner look past the window and commenting on the flames of war engulfing the US. Norma begins her speech, saying that Jiwooo isn’t the only hunter and that hunters all over the world, from E-Ranks to S-Ranks have thrown themselves into battle. 

She explains that E-Ranks have abilities slightly above a normal human and unlike soldiers, although they use magical weapons, they won’t be able to contribute much. D-Ranks and C-Ranks are not any different too, Selner says. Even in the case of S-Ranks, even if they kill a thousand beasts, they’re eventually going to meet their deaths. She compares their dead souls to the stars and says that they represent hope. 

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Meanwhile, someone reports to Adam that Jinwoo has lured the enemy to an uninhabited island in Japan. Adam then remembers Jinwoo telling him about that uninhabited island where a Gate of Giants collapsed and a huge amount of mana spread in that region. He realizes that Jinwoo planned to lure the enemy to that island because if the battle occurs there, the damage would be lesser. 

Adam’s man asks whether they should dispatch some hunters there. Adam knows  that all the S-Rank Hunters are in the US currently, so he asks what kind of hunters they should send. His man replies that they could send E-Rank hunters. At this, Adam reveals that even Jinwoo used to be an E-Rank hunter. He’s aware that if he sent out E-Ranks, they would die. But he also knows that it’s possible for an E-Rank to become a hero too. 

Meanwhile, Jinwoo continues to battle against Antares, the Monarch of Destruction who is in his dragon form. Beru and Bellion are also assisting Jinwoo in his fight.

By the end of the chapter, Antares changes back to his human form and admits that he’s very impressed by Jinwoo’s strength. He says that their ultimate enemy as Monarchs is not this world, but exists beyond the skies. He previously thought of eliminating Jinwoo and preparing to fight with them but now, he wants to recruit Jinwoo. 

He further states that he will leave Jinwoo’s family, country and the entire planet alone and won’t cause any more damage to them if Jinwoo agrees to join him. Jinwoo calls bullshit on this and asks if Antares seriously expects him to believe that when his intention to kill him is so obvious. Antares laughs and reveals his true intention, telling Jinwoo to prepare since he just lost the chance to accept his final mercy. 

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What are Some Expectations for Solo Leveling Chapter 175? 

The official spoilers are not available yet. They’ll be out one or two days before the actual release date. We can expect the fight to get even more intense now, from the terrifying look of the Monarch of Destruction in the final panel. He’s intent upon harming Jinwoo, as Jinwoo himself commented on Antares’ eyes which are screaming that he wants to kill him. 

Also, Jinwoo can’t use his shadows and we also saw him cancelling his summons since Antares has the ability to completely wipe them out, even permanently. Now that it’s come to that, it’s not going to he an easy fight for him at all. 

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 175 online? 

You can read the upcoming chapter and the rest of the series on sites such as Tappytoon, Tapas Media, Kakao page, etc. 

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