Solo Leveling Chapter 177 (Antares VS Jin Woo) Release Date and Spoilers


Antares and Jin Woo fight a battle that pumped us full with adrenaline. The battle is far from being over and the next chapter will only make it better! Here’s everything you need to know about Solo Leveling Chapter 177.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 177 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 177 will get released on December 14, 2021. Every week, a new chapter gets released. However, the release of Chapter 176 was delayed and hopefully, we avoid that for the next chapter.

Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Recap

The scene begins with a combat in which the Dragon King and Jin Woo, in his God of Death form, trade blows. Jin Woo eventually discovers that the power drain from fighting in his supernatural form is out of hand.

As a result, Jin Woo reverts to his previous form, and Antares offers him the chance to join him once more. Jin Woo informs him that he would not work with a monster like him. Even though Jin Woo possesses the might of a God, Antares points out that he is still a human. and thus, die like a human.

Antares advises him to listen to his people’s screams of anguish and reconsider his decision. It should be his line, Jin Woo tells him. Jin Woo tries unsuccessfully to stab Antares with a dagger crafted from a dragon’s tooth. When Antares claims the fight is coming to a close, Jin Woo agrees and says he can see the finish line.

Jin Woo VS Antares

Antares is held down by Jin Woo’s shadows, which emerge out of nowhere. Jin Woo pulls a knife from his belt and slashes him in half.

Solo Leveling Chapter 177 Spoilers

Antares might win the battle as he’s literally a God who can rejuvenate in seconds without any lasting damage. The raw scans for the upcoming chapter have not been released yet.

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