Solo Leveling Rumoured To Inspire Anime Adaptation With OST Teaser

We all know that the manhwa market is blowing up super hard in South Korea currently, its influence so high that it has rapidly spread and started to gain international recognition too. Well, today’s news is regarding one such popular manhwa series that has been the talk of most in the anime community. 

The webtoon Solo Leveling recently ended and fans are still left reeling from the finale. However, fans can rest assured and rejoice because a little teaser has sparked rumours about an anime adaptation based on the manhwa possibly in the works. 

This news was revealed very recently by D&C Webtoon, the publisher responsible for bringing us the hit series Solo Leveling. They went on Twitter to share a clip of the OST currently in creation for Solo Leveling. 

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The K-pop group The Boyz is the one in charge of making the new track. For now, however, most fans are pretty occupied getting excited and hyping the teaser itself. 

What do you all think about this news?

We believe that Solo Leveling has what it takes to make a spectacular anime adaptation. After all, Solo Leveling already has its own animation here. And Studio Mir has also shown fans what the series could potentially look like on screen. 

The released clip further proves that the popular South Korean manhwa has incredible potential to hit it big. Full of amazing heroes, the series is packed with supernatural battles and high stakes that a lot of shonen enthusiasts would love. 

And if you’re familiar with works like The God of High School and Tower of God, you know that plenty of manhwa originals have been successfully adapted to its anime counterparts. 

So, to get its name more out there with the public, a full on anime series would be an incredible project for Solo Leveling. 

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As of now, Solo Leveling seems to be content remaining as a manhwa series but in the future, various other adaptations may soon arrive.

So far, both a video game adaptation of the series and a live-action TV drama are being developed. If these two go well, there are high chances of an anime series for Solo Leveling. 

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