Some Scoops On Yelena’s Interesting Thunderbolts Role

According to a big Marvel star, the role that Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova has to play in the upcoming 2024 film, Thunderbolts, will be an interesting one.

Pugh debuted as the character in Black Widow, where she went on to show up across multiple episodes in Disney+’s Hawkeye. Her next confirmed appearance after that will be in 2024’s Thunderbolts.

Specific details aren’t known about the film, except for the other team members on the roster, which include Bucky Barnes, Red Guardian, Ghost, and more.

Now, an actor from Black Widow and the aforementioned upcoming ensemble movie has teased fans about the next time they’ll see Yelena Belova on screen.

Yelena’s Interesting Thunderbolts Role

David Harbour teased that his upcoming Marvel Studios project, Thunderbolts, which also stars Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, is quite the “ragtag” project.

Harbour bluntly pointed out how “[throwing] these characters [together] feels very random.”

He still seems plenty excited to be a part of it, however, while also revealing  what the film’s director, Jake Schreier, “wants to do with [Yelena Belova] is very interesting”

What Might be Next for Yelena?

It’s hard to guess exactly what David Harbour might be referring to here. But, at the very least, it means that Marvel Studios will be focusing heavily on Yelena, which is great news to most, seeing how popular her character has become over the last year or two.

One possibility is that she will end up being a reluctant leader, maybe even alongside Bucky Barnes. She could also go through a moment of moral crisis as she’s sent on missions with former bad guys.

Maybe she’ll just need to learn to say no to Val, seeing as her last mission didn’t go very well either.

Harbour’s comments could have also been pertaining to story elements entangled with his own character of Red Guardian. After all, the two characters have quite the history, and there’s plenty to catch up on since the last audiences saw them together on screen.

Thunderbolts hits theaters on July 26, 2024.

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