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Spider-Man 3: Latest Updates Come As A Shock To Fans!


Consider me surprised! If all these rumors are to be true, then let me tell you, the untitled Spider-Man movie is somewhat starting to look like an Avengers sequel.


The sudden burst of news

There has been a sudden burst of news about the Spider-man 3 movie after a month’s gap. All of the Spider-verse theories were put to rest by fans for a while, thinking it’s impossible, but I guess they were wrong.

Ever since the news about Alfred Molino, AKA Doctor Octopus of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man, was announced to return in Spider-Man 3, the rumor mills have been churning nonstop.


Valid Rumors

Daredevil and Spiderman Fan Art

In these myriads of rumors, very few only make sense, so we wanted to inform you about the two almost confirmed rumors.

Netflix canceled daredevil in 2018, and according to the contract, no party can remake or use the Marvel Hero in any Non-Netflix entity. So Marvel was helpless, and now finally, this month, the rights returned to Marvel.


Daredevil in Spidey Verse

While fans wanted Marvel to start making a series with the superhero immediately, now it looks like he will at first be appearing in Spider-Man 3.

Murphy’s Multiverse, who have been known to give some reliable and believable rumors before, have shared about this new cast member being added to the already star-studded roster of Spider-Man 3.


Have they signed the contract yet?

The next order of business will be addressing if the rumors that Tobey is in talks and Andrew have already signed being true.

Now, it is not like I run Marvel, so no way of knowing it for sure until we see the movie or until Sony or Marvel announces its final cast members.


Costume fitting already?

But something we saw yesterday points out that it may be happening soon. Tobey Maguire was actually getting out of his car in the parking lot of Wardrobe Workroom Store in Northern Hollywood, California.

The buzz is that he has signed the contract and is on his way for a costume trail. There is a possibility to that as his other movie with Brad Pitt, ‘Babylon’ doesn’t start shooting anytime now as Pitt has just now begun his shooting on another film, Bullet Train, a few weeks back.

According to us, both these rumors have a leg to stand on, but we would have to wait until the movie is out to be definite about this or at least we wait till Tom Holland blabbers.

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