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Spider-Man 3 May Introduce Venom In MCU, Thanks To New Sony-Disney Deal

Possibility Of Seeing Venom In MCU:

The last month was a seemingly long one. Both Disney and Sony Pictures were continuously at loggerheads. There were also many failing negotiations and insults. But it seems that the two have finally come to an agreement. Both are now at a common point of agreement regarding Spider-Man’s future in the MCU.

As of now, Marvel Studios will produce another Spider-Man film for Sony. With this, they can also use Spidey in a crossover film that Disney will release. Moreover, this also raises the chances that it could bring Venom In MCU.

Fans consider this as a major win for themselves. Regardless, the business side of the deal is still under a lot of scrutinies. But what fans fail to understand is what this means for Sony’s own Spider-Man franchise.

Spider-Man Spinoffs:

Recently, we found out that Marvel president Kevin Feige officially spoke of Sony’s own spinoff universe of Spidey. This alternate universe already has a very successful Venom movie.

A sequel to the film is already under works as well. But the official announcement by Feige makes many things clear. One of these is that Tom Holland will inevitably appear in future Spider-Man spinoffs. This also includes the Upcoming Venom Movie.

The Inevitable Truth- We Could See Venom In MCU:

Feige’s words, which include the fact that Spidey can cross cinematic universes is a huge hint. It is a very big sign that Sony and Marvel Studios are willing to work closer together.

They might also do this in a way such that their own plans for Spidey aren’t as separate. This could also lead to an appearance from Tom Hardy’s Venom In MCU, in the third Spider-Man movie.

Other Factors:

As of now, it is clear that Sony wants more recognition from the MCU. The Venom franchise is the best opportunity they will get for this expansion. And the original deal between Marvel and Sony also has an expansion.

So, Spider-Man spinoff movies can have a leeway of some sorts from now on. Furthermore, it is important to note that with the current plan, Marvel will thematically end Spidey’s arc in the MCU.

Regardless, adding Venom In MCU will definitely strengthen the partnership between both the companies.


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