Spider-Man 3: Tom Holland To Start Filming For Far From Home Sequel On This Date

Spider-Man 3: Tom Holland To Start Filming Far From Home Sequel:

With Spider-Man 3, Tom Holland will don the Spider-Man suit yet again. Actor Tom Holland will soon wrap his non-MCU movie with Avengers: Endgame directors.

The British actor has currently been filming for Cherry in the United States. It was some time ago that we saw the actor shave his head off for the role. However, for Spider-Man 3, Tom Holland is expected to grow his hair back. And this comes just in time for the beginning of the film’s production. According to recent reports, Marvel Studios and Sony will most likely begin filming for Spider-Man 3 next summer.


The Next Spider-Man Vs The Ones Preceding It:

The earlier Spider-Man movies, which star Actor Tom Holland in the lead had the actor wear the Spidey suit a little over a year before their release. Spider-Man: Homecoming hit production in June 2016, subsequently releasing in July 2017. Moreover, Spider-Man: Far From Home began filming in July 2018. And then, it hit theatres in July 2019. While no release date for Spider-Man 3 is set, we expect that it will continue with its trend of summer releases.

Spider-Man 3, Tom Holland Played An Important Part In The Sony-Marvel Deal:

This update on Spider-Man 3 comes months after Disney and Sony went their separate ways for a brief period. By doing so, the superhero was left outside Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the actor has been a major catalyst in bringing the superhero back to MCU.

In one of the recent interviews about Spider-Man3, Tom Holland was revealed to be the one who sparked a conversation between Sony and Disney. In the words of Disney’s Bob Iger, Holland begged him to fix things with Sony and Disney. He said, “I couldn’t tell if he was drunk, but I called him because I knew that he was upset and he wanted to talk to me about the status of Spider-Man.” “And at the time that I called him, he was at a pub in, I think, London with his family, and he said, ‘If it’s noisy, I just stepped out of a pub,’” he explained.

He then concluded by saying, “I didn’t really make that connection until I read recently that he said he was a little bit drunk. But he was perfectly nice on the phone. We had a good conversation.”


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